After Anne's bar incident, juice cleanse takes spotlight


Posted at Dec 02 2013 01:33 PM | Updated as of Dec 04 2013 12:54 AM

MANILA – A number of Internet users have become curious about juice cleanses hours after actress Anne Curtis mentioned it as one of the reasons behind her embarrassing confrontation with actor John Lloyd Cruz and other celebrities at a bar in Taguig last month.

In a series of Twitter posts on Sunday, Curtis explained that she “had been on the super popular juice cleanse for three days” and “had one too many drinks” that night.

Some well-known bloggers such as Fashionpulis made fun of the incident, saying that he “shall go on juice cleansing diet and slap all the people I dislike.”

Controversial tour guide and activist Carlos Celdran, for his part, said the bar incident has inspired him to try juice fasting.

The remark of actress KC Concepcion, however, gained the most attention among Internet users in the Philippines.

Concepcion, who is also on a juice cleanse, said in an Instagram post hours after Curtis’ bar mishap that this type of diet puts her on a “good mood.”

“Para sa akin, nakaka GOOD MOOD ang juice cleanse! Be happy, my sweet & beautiful followers,” she wrote as a caption of her Instagram photo, which shows a stuffed animal and a bottle of green juice.

Concepcion’s Instagram post has prompted a barrage of comments, most of them referring to Curtis’ bar mishap.

Others used the opportunity to relate their experience about juice fasting.

“Being on a juice cleanse does put some people in a bad mood coz (sic) usually you are very limited with what you can eat. Sometimes you don’t even eat solid food so for some people, that alters their mood… So when you mix that even with a small amount of alcohol you will get drunk fast because pretty much your stomach is empty… I don’t know why @annecurtissmith drank while on a cleanse coz (sic) that pretty much defeats the cleanse’s purpose,” wrote Instagram user _charisma_.

“People who haven’t tried juice cleansing wouldn’t have any idea how good it feels like. The longest I did was 10 days with only juice, no solid food at all. If I would’ve liked it I could work 24/7 during those 10 days as you won’t feel tired at all and your energy is at its peak. No wonder your skin glows. Continue doing it on a regular basis and your body would be grateful to you. Add romaine lettuce as well, it’s a very good blood cleanser,” commented Instagram user subicquena.

Some fans, meanwhile, urged the public to stop linking Concepcion's statement to Curtis' controversy, noting that Sharon Cuneta's daughter has been talking about juice cleanses for weeks.

What is a juice cleanse?

A number of juice cleanse programs are offered in the Philippines, with Juju Cleanse and The Skinny Juicery among the more popular ones.

The program usually involves drinking at least six bottles of pure fruit and vegetable juice a day for three days.

Customers are strongly discouraged from eating solid food, drinking coffee, alcohol and energy drinks, and smoking cigarettes during the program for the juice cleanse to take effect.

Juice cleanses are said to help “give the body a break” by removing toxins and absorbing nutrients.

Those who cannot afford the pricey juice cleanse programs usually opt to create their own juices at home.