Sorry, lotto winner is not Miko Morelos

By Karen Galarpe,

Posted at Dec 01 2010 03:46 PM | Updated as of Dec 02 2010 05:27 PM

MANILA, Philippines - After 6 months, someone indeed won the 6/55 Grand Lotto jackpot prize of P741,176,323.20 last Monday night.

And no, contrary to a tweet posted by TV host Tim Yap, it's not Miko Morelos, a reporter of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.


Sorry, lotto winner is not Miko Morelos 1
Wrong tweet identifies journalist Miko Morelos as lotto jackpot winner.


The new winner, now a multimillionaire, is still anonymous and shall remain so even after he or she surfaces to claim his or her prize at the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) in Quezon City.

All that the public knows for now is that the winner bought the ticket at the lone lotto outlet inside Subic Bay Freeport. (See story here.]

As for Morelos, he was only the one who wrote the story about the 6/55 Grand Lotto prize winner.

Fearing for his life

That one tweet by Yap read by his 150,000+ strong followers has resulted in chaos on the Web.

In an article on the Philippine Daily Inquirer Morelos wrote that he has been bombarded with text messages, phone calls and requests to add new "friends"--even those he does not know--on Facebook.

He also revealed that he also now fears for his life.

Morelos also said he is bothered by a Facebook fan page put up advising him how to spend his supposed cash windfall.

Curiously, after it was proven that Morelos wasn't the real lotto winner, another Facebook fan page was put up entitled "Miko Morelos, good job. Hindi ikaw panalo sa lotto okay."

Yap, on his part, apologized for the boo-boo, posting on Twitter: "It was an honest mistake. My apologies if any of you were offended by the mistweet, although I clarified it in my next tweets that Mr. Morelos wasn't the winner but the reporter who covered the lotto proceedings. I tweeted those messages without any malice or ill intentions. I have already spoken to Mr. Morelos and personally apologized to him."

'Tweet responsibly'

In spite of Yap owning up to the huge mistake, netizens were less forgiving.

Some of the tweets posted are the following:

vince_borneo: "Tim Yap is an extremely unprofessional person that jeopardizes lives of other people. Showbiz sleaze is not equal to news."

vwida Vida: "Poor dude! Pahamak talagang Tim Yap na yan."

annpod: "Feeling ko walang nadudulot na maganda si Tim Yap sa society."


forg9587: "It was not just an "honest mistake", it was a careless act just to sound cool!"

The lesson learned here by Yap and others is to be extra careful.

As Twitter user jiritajackson posted: "i will be careful what I tweet. I will be careful what I tweet."