'Wushu Goddess' launches music album

Tha Good Life - by John Paul "JP" Tanchanco

Posted at Dec 01 2014 02:50 AM | Updated as of Dec 01 2014 10:51 AM

Meet the fierce and sexy wushu champ Janice Hung and get to know more about her new music album and acting career.

I had coffee with my friend Janice to catch up on her wushu career and chat about her new album and music video.

JP Tanchanco, Janice Hung

The Wushu-champ, Musician and Actress

Janice Hung is a popular wushu artist and champion martial artist. She was first introduced to showbiz thru a shampoo commercial featuring her movements from the world-famous sport of wushu. To date, Hung has won a total of 15 medals, including bronze and silver medals in the Asian and Southeast Asian (SEA) games.

"I consider bagging my first international medal during the 23rd SEA Games as my most memorable competition experience coz after winning, it opened a big door of opportunities for me like commercials, TV series, cover of magazines, billboards, etc," said Hung.

According to Hung, Wushu is a Chinese martial art which harmoniously blends the mind, body and spirit. It's good for all ages. It is also the martial art that has been popularized in numerous films.

"It is considered a Jet Li-style of martial arts. It has been used in films like Fearless, Romeo Must Die, Once Upon a Time in China...For the non-Jet Li films, we have Crouching Tiger, Matrix, Charlie's Angel, Kung Fu Panda, Kung Fu Hustle and many more," she said.

Jet Li showcases his wushu moves in the movie Taichi master

Hung's entry into showbiz carved a niche to her career. Today, she sees herself as an ambassador of the martial art.

"Writers, bloggers and friends are the ones who started calling me as Wushu Goddess coz normally, their first impression towards me is like I'm a commercial model or a beauty queen, and when they learn that I am an athlete, most of them are shocked coz I don't look like one," she added.

Hung's showbiz experiences grew when she landed an acting role in the TV series Rounin. This was followed by Kung Fu Kids and Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo. She has also hosted several events such as Ms. Earth 2009.

The expression of the artist in Janice also grew as she pursued her childhood passion in music and integrated it with her wushu demonstrations.

In July 2010, she belted it out on the stage of “Fontana Rocks” held at Fontana Hot Springs and Leisure Park in Clark Field, Pampanga. She performed together with Philippine rock idol Ely Buendia, Christian Bautista, and La Diva.

Music Album

Hung took her music to higher ground when she started recording singles for her first album.

Today, she is excited that several of her music video covers and album singles are out and available online. The music video for her first single features a surprise action sequence that you can expect from an 80s martial arts action flick.

"Well, first single is an original song...it’s a Filipino Chinese song, I wanna put my identity with this single, that’s why even in the music video, I have incorporated some things I really love doing which is singing and wushu," she said

"Cruel" is Janice Hung's first single that features her martial arts prowess

"I've loved singing and song writing since I was a little girl but my music needs to take a back seat since I need to focus in wushu. Now that I have the chance and opportunity to do a single, then why not?" Hung said.

Hung has also done several covers of Chinese songs that have been uploaded online. My favorite is Ai Wo De Ren He Wo Ai De Ren.

"Ai Wo De Ren He Wo Ai De Ren" is a Chinese song which means The One I Love

Janice Hung Show

Hung is also hosting and shooting her internet-based show called Janice Hung TV that will also be aired on Net25.

"The Janice Hung show is a lifestyle show. It’s thought provoking and has the right amount of sizzle that I will provide. You can treat yourself to insights and bits of information as I take you to different places, interviews and feature people from all walks of life," she said.

Part of the show will be a Wushu 101 segment that promotes wushu as a health regimen.

"Wushu 101, a cardio-fat-burning workout for everyone that you can do anywhere, anytime, spending only 12 minutes of your time. Wushu 101 is only a 12-minute workout complete with 3-minute warm-up, stretching, wushu routine and cool down. Wushu 101 will make your body the sexiest body you own," Hung said.

JP and Janice hanging out at the UnderArmour store

Sharing the Passion of a Life Champ

Hung's passion in the arts and sports has also been expressed thru a foundation she set up which aims to support and help future champions.

"My foundation is for champions not only in sports but also in life. I found the true meaning of being an achiever in 2010 when I decided to establish the Janice Hung Arts and Sports Foundation or simply JHAS Foundation, which aims to support and hone future champions," she said.

"The JHAS Foundation was established to be a family and support system coz I know how hard it is to fulfill a dream without a support, without a guide and without someone who believes in you. And now that I have this opportunity to help, to inspire and lift their spirit, then why not," she added.

Check out Janice Hung's songs and shows. Visit Janice Hung Music https://www.facebook.com/janicehungmusic.

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