'Amalayer' becomes buzzword among netizens

By Kathlyn dela Cruz, ABS-CBNnews.com

Posted at Nov 14 2012 05:21 PM | Updated as of Nov 15 2012 03:01 AM

MANILA, Philippines -- (UPDATE) A viral video of a woman raising her voice at a lady security guard inside the LRT 2- Santolan station has created a new buzzword: "Amalayer."

The video, originally posted by Facebook user Gregory Paulo Llamoso, showed Paula Jamie Salvosa making a scene at the LRT station allegedly after the guard called her attention for using the wrong entrance.

Salvosa was caught saying, "So you're telling me I'm a liar? I'm a liar? I'm a liar? Answer me! Nag-aaral akong tao. Ginanon mo ako. I'm just returning the favor!"

"Pano mo ko tinanong? Sabi mo, 'Ate, anong problema mo?' Oh my God, she's a liar. Oh my God, you're a freaking liar, miss," she continued.

Just hours after the controversial video went viral on social networking sites, the hashtag "#amalayer" and the word "LRT" both trended nationwide on micro-blogging site Twitter.

Many netizens criticized Salvosa for her "I'm a liar" or "Amalayer" remark on Wednesday.

Netizen France Gamas tweeted, "Amalayer?!!! Saw that LRT video on Facebook. Tehhhh, when you speak in English make sure you pronounce it correctly. Haha."

Twitter user Lia Casasola, likewise, said, "Showing off your 'English skills' when you know the person cannot reciprocate your 'fluency' is just so sooo low. #amalayer"

"#Amalayer is my new favorite word!," said
Dale van der Tolosa.

Some netizens also took to social media to express their disappointment on how Salvosa handled the incident.

@thisistimramosm tweeted, "Simple lang: Kapag binastos ka, tapos binastos mo rin - a.k.a. aymjasretarningdapeybor - edi pareho na kayong bastos. #AMALAYER"

Mark Joshua Estoque, whose username is @papahotsauce, said, "You can always say your point but never humiliate people. Edukada? Eh pangskwater naman ugali mo miss. #Amalayer"

"Dear @paulaharlow: Your behavior showed how really an 'educated' lady should act . Where do u study? #Classy #AMALAYER," @JettyFierce tweeted.

Netizen Kath Gatchalian said, "Anong school si #AMALAYER? She's not in a hurry, no? Even had enough time to make away. Winnur te. Trashy, not classy!"

Bimby KalerQUI, likewise, said, "What's annoying about this #Amalayer woman is not her outburst, but her insinuation that she's superior coz she spoke English and 'nag-aral.'"

Some social media users, meanwhile, hit Salvosa for the grammatical errors they saw on her Twitter posts, just moments after her video went viral.

Salvosa, whose username is purportedly @paulaharlow, tweeted, "1. Ginagawa lang naman niya ang trabaho niya as lady guard. Pero sana nasa tama. If she asked me in a proper way e di sana walang gulo."

"2. I just want her to learned her mistake para di na maulit sa ibang passengers yung ginawa niya sakin. Sana maging lessons to sa lahat," she continued.

It is not confirmed if this is Salvosa's real Twitter account, although netizens have addressed her using this account.

@MaicaReynoso tweeted, "I just want her to LEARNED her lesson. At sana maging LESSONS to sa lahat. Haha. Funny ka teh. Please review your tenses. #AMALAYER"

Angelina Reyes, likewise, said, "Class cannot be bought, apparently, neither can grammar. #AMALAYER"

While she was being criticized by most of the Filipino netizens, some also felt for her.

They said the public should not make a big deal out of the incident, especially since they do not know the whole story yet.

Netizen Keith Nicole said, "Don't judge muna, people. We don't know the whole story. Malay mo, super tama talaga ni ate @paulaharlow"

"@paulaharlow i also have issues with some body guards back in college. I can feel you at some point. Guards should be respectful," Jay Ar Son tweeted.

Christian, whose username is @ianzzzdelete, said, "@paulaharlow paula, dont worry, we or rather I personally support you. Hindi ka mag kakaganyan kung walang pinag mulan."

"@paulaharlow Chillax dear. Wag kang pa-apekto. Yun nga e. They only saw half of the video. Don't be destroyed because of this. Smile," tweeted @Musikero31.

Twitter user JillianClyde Mendoza, likewise, said, "@paulaharlow i dont judge you because i didnt see the whole story and i i think may ginawa talaga ung guard sayo na di maganada."

@simounmagsalin tweeted, "You all judged a person based on a 1-minute video. Shows more of your 'manners' and (supposed) 'class' than her, truth be told. #AMALAYER."