Mixed reactions as McDonald's opens in Boracay


Posted at Nov 11 2012 08:16 PM | Updated as of Nov 12 2012 06:39 PM

MANILA, Philippines – International fast food chain McDonald’s on Sunday opened at the resort island of Boracay with customers reportedly lining up for hours for burgers and fries.

“Yes, it finally happened. McDo has opened in Boracay (courtesy of Regency) and this is the two-hour queue people go through just to have a Big Mac on the opening day,” Marco Manzoni, who also goes by the name BoracayBoy, wrote on his Facebook wall, while posting a photo a throng of people – including what looks like Caucasian tourists – waiting to get inside.

According to a source from Boracay, McDonald’s is located within the property of the Boracay Regency Beach Resort, at Station 2, in the middle of Boracay's long stretch of white sand beach.

Netizens were mixed about the opening of the fast-food chain in the island.

“Finally McDonald's Boracay!” said Twitter user Miguel Dela Paz.

“Today is the soft opening of McDonald's Boracay! Good job McDo_PH for bringing McDo here!” said Gerry Galapon Jr. on Twitter.

“Thank you McDonald's-Boracay,” said Twitter user Migs. “Patay kang Big Mac ka mamaya. Hahahaha.”

“Cork welcomes our new American neighbor, McDonald's to Boracay island. Best of luck on your opening today,” Cork Boracay said on its official Twitter account.

But there were also those who were disappointed by McDonald’s entry into the popular tourist destination.

“McDONALD's is now open in BORACAY. Rest in Peace, white beach of yore,” blogger Spanky Enriquez said on his Facebook page.

“McDonald's in Boracay? Munching on a quarter pounder by the beach doesn't quite seem fitting. But I'd have one any given day,” said Mabel Demavivas on Twitter.

“Boracay: how can you claim to be an exotic destination now?” commented Roque Jr Sorioso on Facebook.

“Paradise lost,” wrote Andrew de Castro.

But Matthew Zoglmann sees something good about the development.

“Just off-hand, I'm gonna GUESS that a Filipino owns this McDo. Then I'm gonna say that: a.) This gives tourists uncomfortable with local chow a venue for reliable lowest common denominator chow. Important, if you're traveling with finicky kids; b.) This means shorter lines at all your other favorite chow spots; c.) Clean bathrooms, without having to ask if they HAVE bathrooms .

McDonald’s isn’t the first chain to open in Boracay, which already hosts branches of the Mang Inasal, Andok’s, Shakey’s Pizza, Army Navy, Pancake House and Starbucks Coffee.