Hospital in PH among 'scariest places in Asia'


Posted at Nov 05 2013 12:15 PM | Updated as of Nov 06 2013 07:07 PM

MANILA – An old abandoned hospital in Clark, Pampanga has been dubbed by a television show as one of 10 scariest places in Asia.

Located in the former military site of Clark Air Base, the “haunted” hospital has been included in National Geographic’s new Asia series, “I Wouldn’t Go In There,” which is hosted by urban explorer and blogger Robert Joe.

The place was described by the website of “I Wouldn’t Go In There” as “a perfectly believable setting for stories of paranormal encounters with dead soldiers.”

“A hospital in the former American military site of Clark Air Base, once state-of-the-art, now abandoned and decrepit. After all, the airbase itself is a veteran of two wars, and a casualty of violent volcanic eruption. But what was unexpected was the nature of the ‘ghosts’ who haunt the place… ghosts of the living rather than the dead?” the website read.

Other places that were included in the “scariest places in Asia” list include Tat Tak School in Hong Kong, Lawang Sewu in Indonesia, Chibichiri Cave in Japan, Bagua Building in Taiwan, Yeongdeok in South Korea, Ghost Hill in Malaysia, Phra Si Sanphet Temple in Thailand, Ph Bin American Prison Camp in Vietnam, and Tower of Silence in India.

“We used the strength of the initial stories of hauntings as a jumping off point. Obviously, strong visuals were important,” Joe said in an interview on CNN.

“We also had to consider the strength of the story in the local population, how popular the legends are, how old,” he added. “And finally, we wanted stories that really lead us to some meaty historical revelation.”