Pinoys are 2nd heaviest Internet users in SE Asia: report


Posted at Nov 03 2011 06:08 PM | Updated as of Nov 06 2011 06:38 PM

MANILA, Philippines - In the Southeast Asian region, Filipinos are the heaviest Internet users, a recent study found.

Digital consumers in the Philippines spend an average of 21.5 hours online per week, according to the Nielsen Southeast Asia Digital Consumer report released on Thursday.

Singaporeans spend the most time with an average of 25 hours online per week. Malaysia ranked third with 19.8 hours online per week, followed by Thailand (16.6 hours per week), Vietnam (16 hours per week) and Indonesia (14 hours per week).

"The increasing availability and take-up of Internet-capable devices is driving usage of digital media across the region and bringing about considerable changes in the way media is consumed, in particular fueling multitasking behaviors among Southeast Asian consumers," Melanie Ingrey, Nielsen's APMEA region research director, said in a statement.

"More and more we are seeing consumers accessing multiple media platforms simultaneously, especially accessing the Internet while watching television, which many consumers are doing several times per week."

E-mail remains the most popular activity in the Philippines (90%), Malaysia (92%), Singapore (96%) and Thailand (85%). News tops the list in Vietnam (90%) while private messaging on social networking sites are a hit among Internet users in Indonesia (71%).

Facebook is the dominant social networking site in the region, with 81% of digital consumers in the Philippines maintaining an active profile on the said website.

Other top social media sites include YouTube and Twitter.

"Social media platforms offer a myriad of opportunities for organizations to engage with consumers, and social media is becoming an increasingly critical means of influencing consumer decision-making," Ingrey said.