Facebook to launch 'memorial pages' for dead members


Posted at Oct 28 2009 12:17 AM | Updated as of Oct 29 2009 02:08 AM

MANILA - Friends and family of dead Facebook users can now have their loved ones' profiles "memorialized."

With the feature, a deceased person's Facebook information will be restricted to confirmed friends and family, and their profiles will no longer appear in the members' "Suggestions" box.

Facebook had recently introduced the "Suggestions" feature, wherein network users will be reminded to "reconnect" with people in their network by posting something on their friends' profiles.

Some Facebook users have reportedly complained that they got suggestions to reconnect with Facebook friends or family members who have died.

"We had never really thought about this before in such a personal way," writes Max Kelly, Facebook's head of security. "How do you deal with an interaction with someone who is no longer able to log on?"

A "memorialized" profile will allow friends and family to "save and share" memories of those who have passed away.

Kelly wrote in a post on the site's official blog page that memorializing a dead person's Facebook profile will protect the deceased's privacy by removing sensitive information like contact information and status updates.

The feature also prevents people from logging on to the deceased person's account in the future.

Friends and family, however, will still be able to leave commemorative posts on the profile Wall.

Kelly did not say in his post how they will be able to confirm that a person is deceased in order for their profiles to be memorialized. Report by Kristine Servando, abs-cbnNEWS.com/Newsbreak.