8 signs that a woman is a cougar


Posted at Oct 13 2014 07:35 PM | Updated as of Oct 14 2014 07:19 PM

8 signs that a woman is a cougar 1
Courteney Cox starred in the sitcom "Cougar Town," about a divorced woman in her 40s facing life's next chapter.

MANILA – An expert has shared some of the characteristics of a “cougar” as she maintains that there is nothing wrong with the idea of an older woman being attracted to a significantly younger man.

During her radio show, “Private Nights,” on DZMM on Sunday, wellness expert Dr. Lulu Marquez urged the public to understand and respect cougars, saying each has her own story.

While she did not directly encourage May-December romances, she said people should stop labeling cougars as “abnormal” and be more open to representations of modern women.

“Kapag cougar ang tao, intindihin mo siya. May reasons din ‘yun eh… Sa mga nagsasabing abnormal ‘yan, ‘wag niyong sabihin ‘yan! Tao tayo lahat, we should respect each other,” she said.

Marquez said many women are just naturally attracted to younger men, while some tend to take that route to make up for the years they lost during their failed marriages or relationships.

Others, meanwhile, just like the idea of providing and caring for someone who is young and attractive. Some of the popular cougars in Hollywood include Demi Moore, Sandra Bullock, Madonna, Susan Sarandon and Mariah Carey.

So what makes a woman a cougar? Here are eight usual signs that she likes younger men, as shared by Marquez:

1. Age is an important factor in spotting a cougar, who is usually 40 years of age. She can also be a few years younger, or much older.

2. A cougar is usually very concerned about her face and skin. She may have undergone surgery or other cosmetic procedures to look younger, or cover up the signs of aging using makeup.

3. It is quite rare to see a cougar who is not in shape. Expect her to be physically active as she wants to look good in her trendy, form-fitting clothes (which are usually a bit adventurous for her age).

4. Almost all the time, a cougar has enough money to provide for her younger partner. She may have invested in a number of designer items and other luxurious goods.

5. Contrary to what most people think, a cougar does not always like staying on the dance floor and being the life of the party. If alone, she usually stays at the bar and observes from afar.

6. There are three things that a cougar looks for in a man – attractiveness, ambition and attention.

7. A cougar does not like playing games and knows what she wants. She does not usually hesitate to approach a younger man and express her interest. Having said this, younger men should be direct to the point if they do not want to entertain a cougar.

8. Not all cougars are after one-night affairs. Many of them are searching for real, long-term relationships with younger men, and they will make sure that they will get their point across.