Fiance gave up 'Star Wars' role to be with Cristalle Belo


Posted at Sep 30 2015 11:51 AM | Updated as of Sep 30 2015 07:51 PM

MANILA – Cristalle Belo, the daughter of celebrity doctor Vicki Belo, is one lucky woman.

His fiance, Australian hotelier Justin Pitt, recalled giving up his role in “Star Wars: Episode VII” – an experience most people could only dream about – to fly to Manila to get to know Belo’s family.

When he and Belo first met in the Middle East last year, Pitt was preparing for a role as a “Star Wars” Storm Trooper since it was set to film in the area. The crew had been staying in Pitt’s resort, and he expressed his desire to portray “any role” in the movie.

After days of getting to know each other, Belo said she wanted Pitt to meet her family back in the Philippines.

“What was I to do?” Pitt said in an interview with Philippine Daily Inquirer. “If I delayed, someone else might whisk her away. I was working and I had very limited free time, so it was either I meet her family or be a Storm Trooper.”

Two weeks after their first meeting, Pitt gave up his “Star Wars” dream and met the Belo-Henares clan, who gave him a “thumbs up.”

Fast forward to 2015, the two got engaged in Maldives.

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“Cristalle’s the first girl I’ve dated where I’m not settling on anything,” Pitt said of his fiancée, who runs Belo Essentials, a subsidiary of the Belo Medical Group. “I’ve been lucky, I’ve had great girlfriends, but there was always something where maybe they weren’t as career-focused or as ambitious as I was. Cristalle is the first girl where there’s no settling, no compromise. She’s the type of woman I want to make proud.”

“I love her because she makes me happy, and I feed off her energy. It’s impossible to be mad at her… We haven’t really had a fight. It’s the kind of relationship where we kind of add to each other. It’s a partnership – we strive to go forward together and get the best out of life that way,” he added.