Netizens rejoice as twister fries make comeback


Posted at Sep 18 2014 06:02 PM | Updated as of Sep 19 2014 02:02 AM

The hashtag #minsanlangto remains one of the top local trends on Twitter as netizens celebrate the return of the seasonal product twister fries. Photo from McDonald's Philippines' Facebook page

MANILA – Several Filipinos took to social media sites to express their excitement over the return of the twister fries, a product from the fast food chain McDonald’s that is only offered in the Philippines.

McDonald’s Philippines introduced the Twitter hashtag #minsanlangto as it announced the comeback of twister fries on Wednesday.

As of writing, the hashtag remains on the list top ten local Twitter trends, with netizens rejoicing as they get to eat the seasonal product again.

“Twister fries is back!” one user said.

“Twister fries, thank you for coming back into my life,” another added.

Named after its appearance, the twister fries are potato curls that are spiced and deep-fried. McDonald’s Philippines only sells it for a limited time each year, increasing the product’s value.

Fast food chains in the country have created their own versions of seasonal potato offerings over the years, such as Jollibee’s crosscut fries.

In 2012, the FoodBeast blog showed netizens from the United States clamoring for twister fries, lamenting that the product is not available in the country where McDonald’s is based.