Netizens mad, want to adopt 'Gulf Air' baby


Posted at Sep 14 2010 04:21 PM | Updated as of Sep 15 2010 01:26 AM

MANILA, Philippines - The Internet has been abuzz with news and reactions regarding George Francis Dimaano, the newborn baby found by cleaners last Sunday in the trash bin of a Gulf Air plane (Gulf Air Flight 154) which arrived in Manila from Bahrain.



The news has been picked up by international media, and netizens the world over have been sharing reports via Facebook or retweeting news items via Twitter.

Surprisingly healthy, George Francis weighed 3 kilos. His first name was taken from Gulf Air's code name (GF) and the last name was from Tristan Dimaano, the man who found him wrapped in tissue and covered with blood.

Netizens from here and abroad expressed shock and anger at the mother, and pity, awe and love for the baby.

How could this have happened?

A lot of people could not believe that a woman was able to give birth in mid-air and no one, not even the flight crew, knew.

Twitter user drinkmoxie tweeted: "Seriously how does this happen and no one notice anything. Just glad the baby is doing ok."

Another Twitter user, njaymaldito, said: "OMG! An infant covered in a white cloth was discovered inside a trash bin in a Gulf Air plane. Thank God the baby is still alive."

A woman named saikasyed tweeted: "new born baby found on a Gulf Air flight toilet. How did she give birth in that tiny place? good lord!"

Users iceedebbz and neilmonnery couldn't imagine how it could have happened. User iceedebbz tweeted: "So sad! How does one give birth on a plane and no one notices it? Then the mother leaves him behind poor 'Gulf Air' baby."

"Giving birth in mid-air on an aircraft and no-one noticed?" asked neilmonnery.

Ali Johnson, writing on Facebook, said: "just heard a terrible news from the Philippines. a new born infant was thrown in the dumps by a passenger of Gulf Air! Who could do that?"

And Lamya added on Twitter: "so who is this crazy lady who gave birth in Gulf Air's flight and threw the baby in the bin!!!! how did she manage to deliver silently :/"

Mother condemned

A lot of comments condemned the mother, believed to be an overseas Filipino worker (OFW), for leaving behind a live baby in a trash can.

User khalidalkhalifa tweeted: "The mother is a criminal."

AngryBritain tweeted: "Baby dumped in Gulf Air plane toilet bin. Mary Bale strikes again." Mary Bale is the woman recently caught on CCTV dumping a cat in a trash bin in the UK. She said she did it as a joke, then apologized publicly after public outcry.

Twitter user itsmeheidee said: "watching news on TFC. Baby found in Gulf Air flight bin. What kind of a mother would do that to her own blood. Psycho!!! tsk"

User kristinejdeleon called the mother heartless: " heart is cryin for the baby that have been left in gulf air airplane...what a heartless woman! >_<"

And tor_vic has already pronounced the sentence for the mother: "mom of gulf air baby should be shot on site for abandoning her baby, the most precious of God's creation"

Cel Chua on Facebook has another idea--death by stoning: "The mother of the baby boy found inside toilet trashcan of Gulf Air plane has no conscience. A criminal must be put in jail or much better---stoned till death."

Much love for the handsome baby

But there was overflowing love and compassion online for the baby, who has been described as "cute" and "gwapo."

GAMeets tweeted: "Oh my gosh, Paddy! Ang cute ng baby from Gulf Air! Kawawa naman, ang cute ni baby George :("

And RadicalLN7 agreed: "the baby found in gulf air is so cute....sayang napunta xa s isang inang wlang PUSO!!!!"

ilovemaru wrote: "Ano kayang kwento ng nanay ng baby na iniwan sa basurahan ng Gulf Air? Ang gwapo pa naman ng baby"

Many Twitter users were sad and heartbroken over the news.

jboygonzalessj tweeted: "Heartbroken over this Gulf Air baby abandoned by mom, thrown into a trash bin. Awang-awa ako sa bata."

thenightlite said: "How sad.....! Heart wrenching... Baby found on board Gulf Air in toilet.... Poor baby!! Bless"

And presch wondered what's in store now for the baby: "So heartbreaking...What willl happen to Jorge Francis? Baby found in Gulf Air flight bin in Philippines."

Netizens volunteering to be parents

Baby George Francis may have been abandoned by his mother, but for sure he will get new parents soon.

trishenson tweeted: "i want to adopt that baby they found in the trash bin of gulf air!"

Twitter user jonrimanuel wrote: "The Gulf air baby is cute! I wanna adopt him! :)"

Celebrity mom Pia Magalona, widow of rap star Francis Magalona, said her son Arkin asked her to take the baby. "I fell in love instantly w d abandoned baby on Gulf Air featured on d news. Arkin said 'let's get it nalang.' I wish!" she tweeted.

User normantiongco tweeted: "Ang cute ni George Francis! Yung Gulf Air baby! Kung pde Lang ako na aampon sa kanya :)"

And DaphCLPT expressed her all-out love: "Give me the little baby boy found in the bin of a toilet onboard a Gulf air flight. I'll take him, poop & all. :("

The baby is currently in the care of the Department of Social Welfare and Development. The mother has been given 3 months to claim George Francis, and if no one comes forward, he will be put up for adoption.

Lesson learned

Authorities are looking for the woman who may have given birth to George Francis. They have already identified who sat on the seat where blood was found.

According to Supt. Romeo Desiderio, chief of the NAIA Terminal 1 Aviation Police, the mother's violation may be attempted infanticide or abandonment.

Twitter user leavingearth summed up the moral lesson in this incident: "An airplane bathroom is not a place to discard your: A) cig. butts B) disp. razor C) newborn baby."