Experience genius at Mind Museum's Da Vinci exhibit

Tha Good Life - by John Paul 'JP' Tanchanco

Posted at Sep 07 2013 09:45 AM | Updated as of Sep 09 2013 08:24 PM

The world’s most comprehensive exhibition on Da Vinci is now at the Mind Museum Fort Global City. It showcases the many wonderful ideas and inventions that Leonardo Da Vinci created.

I dropped by the special preview to hang out with the Mind Museum team headed by Maribel Garcia and Grande Exhibitions' Jason Brown.

Join me as I give you a sneak peek of my short adventure into Da Vinci's genius.

'Da Vinci - The Genius' exhibition

Did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci, the famous 1400s Renaissance icon, inspired many modern technologies we enjoy today?

Experience genius at Mind Museum's Da Vinci exhibit 1
Inside Mind Museum's special exhibition area for Da Vinci the Genius

Scenes from BBC's documentary on Da Vinci

"Da Vinci - The Genius" is the only exhibition touring the world that offers the most comprehensive interactive showcase of Da Vinci’s works.

Experience genius at Mind Museum's Da Vinci exhibit 2
JP Tanchanco, Mind Museum Curator Maribel Garcia, Grande Exhibitions' Jason Brown

According to Grande Exhibitions Australia's Jason Brown, the elements of the exhibit were crafted by Italian artisans from the actual Da Vinci Museum in Rome. The creators used the same techniques and materials from the Renaissance period thru the guidance of world-renowned Da Vinci experts.

Experience genius at Mind Museum's Da Vinci exhibit 3
The famous Vitruvian Man of Leonardo Da Vinci

"The exhibit was set up by our company in 2006. We worked with Da Vinci experts like Commune di Roma, Commune di Firenze and Citta Di Venezia. It has been to over 51 cities worldwide. Manila, Philippines is now the 52nd city it's been showcased," said Brown.

Mind Museum's Maribel Garcia was happy to explain to me that the exhibit is the world's most comprehensive one about Da Vinci.

"The exhibit is the most comprehensive because it showcases the diversity of Da Vinci's works across different genres such as Military Engineering, Music and Optical, Renaissance Art, Hydraulic and Aquatic, Codices, Flight, Civil, Anatomy and Physics. You'll find out many great works of Da Vinci that many are not aware of," explained Garcia.

Experience genius at Mind Museum's Da Vinci exhibit 4
The Physics Gallery in the exhibit shows some of Da Vinci's cool inventions

My tour

I was happy to tour the premises with help from the Mind Museum team that staged a fun mystery game for the participants of the special preview.

Experience genius at Mind Museum's Da Vinci exhibit 5
JP and Mind Museum's team of Illuminati guides

The game involved me journeying around the exhibit installations looking for clues and special scrolls with the help of Illuminati-themed ushers in cloaks and masks.

Experience genius at Mind Museum's Da Vinci exhibit 6
Ushers dressed in Illuminati garb served as guides in looking for scroll sigils

Here are a few of the exhibit's highlights that I enjoyed viewing:

Mirrors Room

Experience genius at Mind Museum's Da Vinci exhibit 7
The 8-sided "Mirrors Room"

In an 8-sided room with 8 flat mirrors as the walls, Da Vinci noted that if a person stood inside, he “will be able to see every part (of himself) endless times."

Portable Piano

Experience genius at Mind Museum's Da Vinci exhibit 8
Da Vinci's 15th century Portable Piano

Being a musician myself, I was surprised to find out that he designed a portable piano. According to the exhibit, "Leonardo applied mechanical theory and acoustic observations in his designs for new types of musical instruments."

Multi-Directional Gun Machine

Experience genius at Mind Museum's Da Vinci exhibit 9
The multi-directional gun was a modern marvel during Da Vinci's time

Leonardo Da Vinci was like the "Tony Stark" (Ironman) of the 1400s. I enjoyed checking out his design for the multi-directional gun.

"Leonardo wanted to increase the rate that weapons could be fired, so he designed machines with multiple cannons. These are perhaps the forerunner of the modern machine gun."

The Bicycle

Experience genius at Mind Museum's Da Vinci exhibit 10
Brian Tanchanco and Da Vinci's Bike design

One surprising and controversial design in the exhibit is the bicycle. Check it out and you'll know why.

The Projector

Experience genius at Mind Museum's Da Vinci exhibit 11
Video Projector of the 1400s

It's amazing to find out that an image projector was invented by Da Vinci.

"Da Vinci was also extremely interested in optics, in the effect of light, reflection, shadows and magnification, and believed that the eye was 'the window of the soul' and the most important of the senses by which we experience the natural world."

Mona Lisa

Experience genius at Mind Museum's Da Vinci exhibit 12
JP enjoying the Mona Lisa

Who doesn't know the famous Mona Lisa. The exhibit showcases an excellent replica of the original artwork that I visited last year when I took the Da Vinci Code tour in the Louvre.

According to the exhibit, "for Leonardo, there could be no art without science."

Scuba Diving Equipment

I was surprised to find out that Da Vinci designed underwater gear. His scuba gear has similarities to the modern gear we have today.

"Leonardo excelled at hydraulic engineering, and believed water to be the fundamental driver of nature. He drew analogies between the actions of water and air, studying waves and air currents."

Aerial Screw

Experience genius at Mind Museum's Da Vinci exhibit 13
The Aerial Screw flying machine

"Leonardo was the first to look at the science of flight. His Aerial Screw design is known to be the ancestor of the modern day helicopter."

"Da Vinci - The Genius" has over 200 exhibit pieces that include many of his popular works such as "The Last Supper" popularized by the movie "Da Vinci Code." They even have a mini-theater showing a BBC documentary on the life of Da Vinci.

"This is an exhibit for all ages. Families, friends, enthusiasts and even intellectuals or economists will enjoy it," said Garcia.

Experience genius at Mind Museum's Da Vinci exhibit 14
Mind Museum's Trixie Tacardon, Mind Museum Curator Maribel Garcia, JP Tanchanco

So, what are you waiting for? Head to Mind Museum and experience Da Vinci's genius yourself. "Da Vinci – The Genius" will be open September 1 to November 30 Tuesdays through Sundays. For more information on tickets and schedules, visit www.themindmuseum.org.

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