THE LIST: 8 ‘Bourne’ shooting locations in PH


Posted at Aug 21 2012 02:44 PM | Updated as of Aug 22 2012 07:39 PM

MANILA, Philippines – For two months, the Philippines served as a shooting location for Hollywood film “The Bourne Legacy” starring Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz.

Despite being criticized by some for depicting poverty in the country, the movie was seen to give a boost to Philippine tourism.

And it seems to be working. Earlier today, travel website CNNGo released a feature on the Philippine areas in “Bourne,” from wet markets to bridges, with matching recommendations for tourists.

But it did not include other areas such as Intramuros, which was used for a war scene supposedly in South America.

Here is ABS-CBN’s own list of locations used in shooting the Hollywood film.

Remedios Circle, Malate

The scene: Renner runs around the rooftop as he is chased by Manila policemen.

Behind the scenes: The whole stretch of Bacobo Street and Remedios Circle was closed from January 18 to 19 and January 28 to 30 to give way for the filming of the scene.

Other details: Onlookers were disgruntled after they were ordered to move away from the set, but they still struggled to take a peek.

San Andres neighborhood

The scene: Renner and Weisz run, hide and seek refuge here as they are being chased by Manila policemen.

Behind the scenes: Weisz was spotted being with a dog named Gibo, and was also friendly to onlookers.

Other details: Before leaving the country, Weisz gave the kids of San Andres a new playground for them to enjoy. “When she was making the movie, her trailer was parked right over there. Every day, she saw the playground. That had a lot to do with motivating her. She always makes a contribution after every movie she works on,” said the movie’s producer, Pat Crowley.


The scene: A war scene supposedly set in South America.

Behind the scenes: Several foreigner extras were included in the scene to make it look like it was set in South America.

Pasay-Taft Rotonda

The scene: Renner and Weisz jump from a footbridge and land on top of a bus as they are chased by Manila policemen.

Behind the scenes: While there were several spectators during the filming of “Bourne” here, a number of vendors and pedicab drivers complained that the shoot has greatly affected their livelihood, with others saying that they should have been taken in as extras to make up for the “damage.”

Other details: Filipino actor Joel Torre was with the “Bourne” cast while filming here. “Ang babait nila, especially the director and actors. In fact, Ms. Rachel Weisz went out of her way to talk to us,” he said.

Ramon Magsaysay Boulevard

The scene: Renner and Weisz still being chased by Manila policemen and Thai operative Larx-03.

Behind the scenes: After the whole stretch of the road was closed for the filming of “Bourne,” several passing motorists complained of heavy traffic. Authorities advised motorists to take alternate routes during the shooting of the Hollywood film.

Other details: Stunt doubles of Renner and Weisz stood in for this scene.

Marikina wet market

The scene: Renner and Weisz, riding a motorcycle inside the wet market, are chased by Manila policemen and Thai operative Larx-03.

Behind the scenes: Renner’s stunt double suffered from scratches while shooting the scene. Meanwhile, several vendors at the market complained that the shoot affected their livelihood.

Other details: Unlike in previous scenes, some roads in Marikina City were free of traffic as the Hollywood film shot scenes inside the wet market.

Navotas fish port

The scene: The motorcycle used by Renner and Weisz skids, leaving the former injured. They ask help from a fisherman played by Filipino character actor Lou Veloso.

Behind the scenes: The Navotas shoot focused more on the doubles of Renner and Weisz. Security was still tight, with members of the media not allowed to interview the stars, even the doubles.

Other details: Renner and Weisz drink protein shakes while working to stay in shape for the action scenes.

El Nido, Palawan

The scene: Renner and Weisz ride on a boat to El Nido with the help of Filipino character actor Lou Veloso, who plays the role of a fisherman.

Behind the scenes: Renner and Weisz stayed in the luxurious El Nido Resort in Lagen island during the shoot, while breakfast was served at the El Nido resort in Miniloc island.

Other details: A farewell party was held at the clubhouse at the island of Entalula during the last day of shooting for the Hollywood movie.