Fall Out Boy: From US attic to PH stage


Posted at Aug 08 2013 07:36 PM | Updated as of Aug 09 2013 06:29 PM

Fall Out Boy: From US attic to PH stage 1Members of the American rock band Fall Out Boy: (from left) Drummer Andy Hurley, bassist Pete Wentz, vocalist Patrick Stump and guitarist Joe Trohman. Photo from the group's official website

MANILA -- American rock band Fall Out Boy is in the Philippines for a third time to stage a concert for their avid fans here, but as bassist Pete Wentz recalled, the road to international success wasn't easy for the four-man group.

Held Thursday night at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City, Fall Out Boy's third concert in the Philippines is part of their comeback tour as a "reformed" group.

The members had been on a three-year hiatus prior to recording their latest album as a band, "Save Rock and Roll," which Wentz said offers the "purest Fall Out Boy possible."

Wentz, along with the band's drummer, Andy Hurley, spoke with ABS-CBN News shortly before Fall Out Boy's press conference held Thursday afternoon.

According to Wentz, their Filipino fans are in for a surprise as they offer an "updated" music style compared to their previous records.

"I think that we were all inspired in different ways [after re-forming the band]. I think that we wanted to make the purest form of Fall Out Boy possible, like the most diluted form that could exist. Working with our friend Butch Walker (American songwriter) really gave us this bare-bones energy to make it," he said.

On their fifth studio album in 12 years, Wentz and Hurley credited sheer persistence and faith for their success as a band.

Asked what advice he could give bands that aspire to make it big, Wentz recalled Fall Out Boy's own humble beginning in guitarist Joe Trohman's attic.

"At some point, we were doing this thing and, you know, we were the only ones who believed in it. Maybe around 12 years ago, when we were doing it in Joe's attic, we were playing any show we could.

"And eventually we made it all the way to the Philippines, we made it around the world. I think that's proof that anyone can make it. You put your heart into it and really believe, 'We can do this.' And you can do it," he said.

Speaking with ABS-CBN News' Gretchen Fullido, Wentz and Hurley went on to relate their "re-energized" passion as a band, and how this will translate to their third concert in the Philippines.


Q: How excited are you for your concert tonight?

Pete Wentz: Super excited! It's so cool that we're back for our third time, but I think it's also more exciting because we are version 2.0 of Fall Out Boy so it's almost like the first time again.

Andy Hurley: We've always had passionate fans on social networking from here, so it's great to come here and placate their desires.

Q: What can Filipinos expect from your concert?

Wentz: I hope it's crazy! The last two times we were here, it was absolutely insane. And I think, as a band, we're re-energized, so we're going to go crazy no matter what.

Q: If there's a song in particular you want to dedicate to your Filipino fans, what would it be?

Wentz: I think that a song that would be dedicate to our Filipino fans is "The Phoenix," and I think that in a way it's really energetic song, and it's empowering, and it's about rock rising up. I feel like every time we've ever played here, and also on Twitter, the fans are really vocal, are very energetic with different levels of energy. I feel like that song kind of embodies the idea of that.

Q: Do you actually read the tweets and messages of your fans?

Hurley: Yeah! I mean, it's hard sometimes because especially now that we're flying to different countries everyday, it's just not a lot of time and there's so many messages. But I try to!

Wentz: He pays me 5 dollars to read them aloud per message. I've been working hard, working overtime! (Laughs)

Q: You said you've tried Filipino food. Do you like the cuisine?

Wentz: I tried balut before, and that was harder for me. It tasted great, but what it was was a little bit hard for me. The other guys kind of laughed at me for that. And I've tried adobo. I had some last night, and it was just awesome.

Hurley: I'm vegan and from what I understand, maybe harder. I'll try them!

Q: Would you have time to visit other places in the Philippines?

Wentz: We haven't really had a chance to explore places. I would like to. I wish we'd be able to come in and have more than a day or two. We were talking about... they were saying they went to underwater caves in Palawan, and it was just insane. To me, that looks like paradise, and that looks like something that you could never experience in the United States. That's something I would love to do.

Q: We hope this won't be your last time in the Philippines!

Wentz: Absolutely not! We'll definitely come back secretly for the beaches.