SONA ranks 2nd on Twitter trending topics


Posted at Jul 27 2009 07:07 PM | Updated as of Jul 28 2009 03:09 AM

SONA ranks 2nd on Twitter trending topics 1MANILA - Just minutes after President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo ended her State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Monday, the internet was filled with hundreds of Twitter posts from both critics and fans alike.

Just before the SONA speech started at 4 p.m. Monday afternoon, SONA was posted as the 2nd top trending topic on As of 5:30 p.m., PGMA and GMA were the top 5 and 6 trending topics, respectively.

The speech got mostly negative feedback from users who were dissatisfied with her summary of the national situation. Most remarked that many issues were left out, since Arroyo focused almost entirely on her administration's achievements.

A user named cooltita (Tita Aquino) had this to say of the SONA speech: "GMA's version of the real state of the nation is inundated with so much lies, it makes me puke."

A user named McPamy from Fiji, meanwhile, said: "I have to give GMA credit for giving out a pretty good speech, but you have to be completely dense to believe it."

Missing topics

"[The] SONA was a report without context, mouthing of reported achievements without mentioning the ideal targets. Sana inamin kung ano pa ang kulang," said a user named jedeva.

Senator Pia Cayetano said on her Twitter account that Arroyo did not address her Millennium Development Goal of health and rights for women. "To truly uplift the lives of children, ensure they have mothers," she said.

KayIsYay (Kay Gemzon), another user, shared her impressions of the SONA speech's highlights.

"Nanakawan siguro siya ng load. Pacman fangirl. Malakas siyang humirit. Ma'am, [paano na po ang] Bataan Nuclear Powerplant...?" she typed on her Twitter account.

Gemzon referring to the administration's decision to curb "vanishing load" through the National Telecommunication Commission's move to regulate offers from content providers, her acknowledgment of Manny Pacquiao as an example of Filipino excellence and "iron discipline" during her speech, and the President's scathing remarks against her detractors (without naming them).

Trading barbs

Arroyo, at one point in her speech, said "Don't pander, just do it... and don't use bad words in public" - a comment made in reference to Sen. Manuel "Mar" Roxas III, who swore at an anti-Charter Change rally in Makati in December last year.

In response, Roxas said on his Twitter account: "Gloria, I have to say bad words in public because of bad deeds done in secret."

Roxas, who joined the SONA rallies against Arroyo, also Twittered about his experiences at the rally, like facing police blockades. It was reported in the media that the rallyists chose not to listen to Arroyo's SONA, but listened to music instead.

A user named CedForbes (Cedrik Forbes), however, expressed disappointment at the war of words between the President and her detractors. "This was the most undignified SONA in the history of SONAs. The President turned Congress into her very own boxing match!" he said.

Other Twitter users, meanwhile, chose to focus on the good aspects of the SONA speech. "Apparently, it's also the most applauded SONA in Philippine History. That was the best Knockout SONA!" said one user.

A user named kniprup (Aura Bautista) said it was the best SONA speech she ever heard for as long as she could remember.

Last SONA?

Another topic high on Twitter users' minds was whether Arroyo would run again in the 2010 polls, or if her administration will push for Charter Change. Users remarked at how the President's speech left lingering doubts on whether she plans to extend her term in office.

"Madam, you should have said goodbye. '[There was] no categorical mention that she is stepping down in 2010'," said a user named blissery.

A user named mudcore (Maine Galvez), said she was suspicious about Arroyo's future plans. "'Thank you congress' hmmm.. smells something here. Is it followed by 'Thank you for electing me as [Prime Minister] in the future Congress'?"

"It would have been better if she said that it's up to the next [president] to institute Cha-Cha. That would be a more concrete response," said user iammiguelito (Juan Miguel Lago).

Meanwhile, columnist and ABS-CBN current affairs personality Manolo Quezon III said on his Twitter account that his column on the SONA speech was vindicated. "This SONA was a campaign speech with 2010 coalition goals in mind," he said.

Fashion statement

Arroyo also received some flak from Twitter users, who criticized her SONA gown. She wore a "reddish-pink" terno gown created by designer Inno Sotto.

The gown's embellishments, including small spiky srips of cloth at the collar area, were not popular among some audiences.

"Ganda ng gamit ni GMA eh. Mukhang sabog na French Fries iyong nasa may collar," said a user named Mika Santos.

A user named michikoy said she did not like the gown's color. "[It] makes her look like a walking Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) urinal. And her top has some french-fries looking design," she typed on her Twitter account.

Another user named caramelflavored (Carmela Nery) said the President's hair was "annoying." Her relatively longer hairstyle was a change from her previous SONAs, when her hair was cropped short and swept to the side of her forehead. is a free social messaging utility that allows its members to share their thoughts in 140 characters or less. The micro-blogging service, launched in 2006, has over 6 million visits worldwide.