Who is Maria Sofia Love and why is she trending?

By Lou Albano, Coconuts Manila

Posted at Jul 14 2015 06:33 PM | Updated as of Jul 15 2015 08:05 AM



Posted by Maria Sofia Love on Saturday, June 27, 2015

We don’t know how, when, where or why it happened but just like everybody else, one day we just found ourselves obsessed with Maria Sofia Love and her self-styled videos.

According to her, she’s a London-based model. She has been uploading videos of herself while she struts the streets of The Big Smoke, parties it up in clubs or chills out while ordering from a cute afam waiter.

On her videos, she utters one-liners — “Para sa ekonomiya!” “Pak!” “Ituloy ang modeling!” — that may not necessarily make sense, but have anyway become something of a battlecry or a buzzword for chika people in-the-know.

She's exactly what you'd call a guilty pleasure.

Truth to tell, Maria Sofia Love's disjointed videos can leave you feeling disoriented with its non-sequiturs. She herself seems to be always half-buzzed when in front of the camera phone, but that's all part of the spell.

Of course, Coconuts Manila had to chat her up and find out more things about her.



Posted by Maria Sofia Love on Saturday, June 20, 2015

Q: Maria Sofia Love! Love the name. Who came up with that?

A: Lumabas sa tawas, wala na po tayong magagawa duon. Pak! Ang aangal, I will spank them. Ha-ha.

Q: Okay, so how do we call you? Maria, Sofia, or Love?

A: Call me anything you’re comfortable with.

Q: Pretty much everyone is watching your videos these days, but we don’t know anything about you! What are the top five things to know, quick!

A: Perfect question. I’m a virgin. Pak! Ha ha, that means, I’m a Virgo. I’m also a plant-based eater. I’m young and fabulous at 32. I fight for injustice, especially for animals. I love drinking and partying. Breathing means it’s time to parteeey.

Q: We know you’re in London — what are you doing there?

A: I’m modeling for the economic stability of our country!!! Can’t you see I’m helping our president? Ha-ha no, I lived in the world and the world is my address. Pak, ganun!

Q: Before London, where were you based?

A: I was in Cebu and Hong Kong most of the time. HK is one of my favorite cities because they let me be crazy 24/7.

Q: You’re a model. Where have we seen your work? Where has modeling taken you?

A: I’m with my partner so I can only do modeling for him privately and for our ekonomiya. Ha-ha-ha

Q: Those lines! People are using them randomly. Do you remember the first time you used them?

A: I don’t know, they just came out! I started enjoying my life and then they just came. I am now free of judgment and I do my own thing and it’s so much fun.

Q: I mean, were you drunk?

A: Yes I think so. Let’s drink! Ha-ha! Can you handle me, love?

Q: And pak! Ha-ha, what does that mean? Is it abbreviation of tumpak?

A: It means confidence and it encourages my fellow Filipinos that no matter what challenges they are facing…pak! Life must go on and the world is paradise.

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