CHECK THIS OUT: Room escape game at Mystery Manila

By Barbie Salvador

Posted at Jun 26 2014 09:16 PM | Updated as of Jun 27 2014 06:53 PM

MANILA -- Imagine yourself and a friend blindfolded, handcuffed and trapped in a room. You are being held hostage by a psycho killer who gave you an hour to solve his riddle so you can set yourselves free. Everything you need is in the room. If you fail, he will kill all of you!

Or in reality, you step out of the room with a wounded pride because you have failed to solve one of the puzzles in the first ever live escape game room in the country: Mystery Manila.

A blindfolded player entering the Chained Chamber. Photo by Barbie Salvador for

If you don’t know what a live escape game room is, don’t worry. It’s because it’s a pretty new form of entertainment.

Founded by Chuck Chang and partners, Mystery Manila offers three game rooms for you to solve: Chained Chamber, Justice for Jamila, and Ticking Time Bomb.

It’s a real-life room escape game where you enter a room and try to solve a puzzle. If you are super smart and finish under a certain time, you win a prize. If not, well, you get a chance to try again for a discounted price.

No, this is not a spin-off of the zombie apocalypse obsession. So for the scaredy cats out there: don’t be daunted by this new game. Mystery Manila is really more of a puzzle-solving, thinking game, and not a horror house.

A sneak peek inside Justice for Jamila mystery room. Photo by Barbie Salvador for

Live escape game room is a rising entertainment trend worldwide. It is extremely popular in Japan, and is also gaining a following in Bangkok. In Greece, they took it up a notch with a sophisticated 4D Reality Escape Room, the Athens Clue.

Mystery Manila, however, is proudly Pinoy. The concept, clues and details are all original.

Only one-month old, Mystery Manila is already gaining popularity. It offers such a unique experience so it’s no surprise why people from Laguna drive all the way to C5 Libis just to try it.

Mystery Solved at Mystery Manila. Photo by Barbie Salvador for

If you are looking to sample this, book your hour online as walk-ins are not as lucky to get an open schedule.

So this weekend, trade your usual movie night and channel your inner Sherlock Holmes with your Nancy Drew friends. Reach a new level of bonding as you discover how each one is like when thinking under pressure.

Just don’t go when your friend is hungry or has PMS because the pressure can make anyone really cranky. Here’s hoping you’re still all friends after the game. Enjoy and good luck!

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