Discover Seco Island, Antique’s hidden paradise

Jennifer Garcia, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Jun 18 2016 12:49 PM

Video Courtesy of Tonzie Gay.

TIBIAO, Antique - More than 21 nautical miles away from Tibiao, Antique lies Seco, an island known for its beautiful sunrise and white playful dolphins following every vessel that pass by.

Not visible from mainland Antique, it takes a three-hour boat ride, sometimes through rough seas, before one can get a glimpse of this raw yet captivating island. But it's definitely worth the wait once you reach the island.

The 1.5-kilometer powder-fine sand bar is said to be comparable to the Maldives in the Indian Ocean.

Local officials explained that the island got its name because it resembles a human arm, which is called “siko” in the native tongue of Antiqueños.

Aside from its unspoiled water that changes color every now and then, the area is also rich in marine resources such that the local government is campaigning very hard to protect the island's resources.

In the early '90s, cyanide fishing was a major problem for local officials. There was also a time when several vessels secretly hauled white sand off the island to be sold to resorts around the country.

Today, the local government has stationed personnel to watch over Seco Island.

Antique’s tourism consultant Flord Calawag advised tourists interested in visiting the island to be physically prepared, as there are no structures or even shaded portions on Seco.

He also recommended tourists to bring big umbrellas or tent, sunblock, food, and sufficient water when planning to visit Seco.

Tourists can stay overnight using tents.