Is Jollibee coming to new Tekken game?


Posted at Jun 05 2014 07:24 PM | Updated as of Jun 06 2014 03:24 AM

MANILA – Netizens are speculating whether the Filipino fast food mascot Jollibee will show up in the upcoming installment of the popular fighting game series Tekken.

This after its game director and chief producer, Katsuhiro Harada, mentioned the iconic bee in reply to a Twitter follower regarding the idea of including Filipino characters in his video game series.

“Jollibeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I’ll consider,” Harada wrote.

Netizens from the Philippines were quick to react to Harada’s statement, with some expressing their excitement over the idea of a Filipino character in Tekken.

One of them is technology blogger Abe Olandres of YugaTech, one of the first people who wrote about Harada’s statement.

Some, on the other hand, said they are looking forward to the idea of beating a fighting game using Jollibee.

Others, meanwhile, doubt that the bee mascot will actually appear in the game, saying Harada may just be craving for Jollibee food items when he replied to a Filipino fan.

The Philippines has been featured as a backdrop in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The surroundings include palm trees and jeepneys, among others.

According to the KDramaStars blog, wooden character Mokujin was initially listed as “Filipino” in the Tekken series, but his nationality was eventually changed to “unknown.”