Gibo for senator in 2013--Facebook groups

Karen Galarpe,

Posted at May 21 2010 02:48 PM | Updated as of May 22 2010 05:16 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Barely two weeks after Gilberto "Gibo" Teodoro conceded in the presidential elections, netizens on Facebook have started the clamor for the former congressman to run for senator in 2013.

"Because it's the first step to making him President in 2016," wrote Gino Nacianceno, creator of the Facebook group "Gibo Teodoro for Senator 2013," one of the the Facebook groups supporting Gibo on the Internet.

As of 2:03 p.m. on Friday, May 21, there were 9,189 members in this group.

Gibo for senator in 2013--Facebook groups 1

One of the photos uploaded on its pages was that of the poster "We missed the flight, but he gave us hope," which circulated on the Internet as soon as Teodoro formally announced he was conceding. The group added a caption on the photo that says, "Pwede magpa-rebook?"

Teddy Reyes Guiyab wrote, "SULONG!!! G1BONIANS!!! SULONG!!! G1BO!!!

"Gibo will be the best senator this republic ever produced!!!" posted Agnes Velazquez Zapanta Bengco, to which Dan Uy replied, "korek! 1,000,000 percent."

But since Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III, the leading presidential candidate in the latest election tally, will soon vacate his Senate post when he assumes the top position, Gibo's fans are hoping their candidate will reach the Senate even earlier than 2013.

Dennis Paolo Mendoza wrote, "Why wait for 2013??? The Senate plan to hold a special election for a 13th senator!! Because Abnoy will vacate his Senate seat, people in power and influence, please tell Gibo to run...Let him be our voice in the Senate now!!!"

Jeru Beth agreed and said, "If there will be a special senatorial election, let's prod G1BO to run...make him and us winners!!...Sulong G1BO!"

There is another group called 2013 Gilbert "G!bo" Teodoro for Senator!. As of this writing, 91 people have signed up to be members. The page was put up by "the makers of the 'Kay G1BO TEODORO hindi sayang ang boto mo dahil madami tayo' fan page!"

A "formal" online petition has been posted on A netizen named K de Dios created the online petition which goes:

"To:  Sec. Gilbert Teodoro

You have inspired a whole nation with your vision and positive campaign. You have given us hope that true change is possible in Philippine politics. Despite the results of the May 2010 elections, your supporters are still behind you, and our numbers are growing. Your brand of leadership is one which this country truly needs. We would like to request that you reconsider your decision and run for Senator in 2013.

The Undersigned"

As of this writing, there were 404 online signatures in the petition.

On the day after the elections, at the press conference when he announced he was conceding and was congratulating Aquino, Teodoro said he respects the decision of the Filipino people. He also shared he now wants to enjoy a private life.