Condoms: Do they promote promiscuity?

by Karen Galarpe,

Posted at May 07 2010 07:10 PM | Updated as of Oct 19 2017 01:02 PM

MANILA, Philippines - The age-old debate is again raging: Condoms--do they or do they not promote promiscuity?

A senatorial candidate from Ang Kapatiran, Atty. Jo Imbong, together with Atty. James Imbong, on Friday filed as taxpayers a case at the Regional Trial Court of Quezon City, asking the court to put a stop to the airing and posting of condom ads on television, radio, the web, magazines, and billboards around main thoroughfares in the metropolis. In particular, the case names DKT Philippines, Inc., the maker of Trust and Frenzy condoms, and product endorser Robin Padilla as defendants.

In the complaint, a copy of which was obtained by, the two lawyers said that "DKT's advertisements for condoms and condom use convey explicit and subtle messages that offend the proprieties of language, assault public decency and morality, scandalizing the community."

They also pointed out that the ads target the young crowd, and that the explicit and subliminal messages in the ads "convey an unwholesome and indecent influence upon audiences, especially the yield to uncontrolled sexual urges, depravity, promiscuity, and other immoral behavior using 'protection' or 'safe sex' through condom use. The advertisements are exploitative and abusive of the vulnerability of young people and the moral sensibilities of mature audiences."

The plaintiffs raised the issue of moral harm to character, to all human good and to institutions such as marriage.

DKT Philippines, Inc. said they cannot issue a statement at this time since their director, Terry Scott, is out of the country. Actor Robin Padilla could not be reached for comment.

The issue of condoms promoting immorality has been debated on for so long. Pro-life groups are against condom use, and this includes the Catholic Church. According to Wikipedia, the Vatican views condom-promotion programs as encouraging promiscuity.

In the complaint, the plaintiffs also asked that the court order DKT Philippines, Inc. to cease and desist from holding street theater productions, street campaigns and similar mass advertising campaigns for condoms and condom use, and from distributing and selling condoms with sex toys and sex gadgets. It also asked the court to order Padilla to stop publicly promoting condoms and its use.