Vicki, Hayden 'unofficially' together again


Posted at Apr 21 2013 04:06 PM | Updated as of Apr 22 2013 11:44 PM

Vicki, Hayden 'unofficially' together again 1
Celebrity doctor Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho

MANILA, Philippines – Celebrity doctor Vicki Belo and former boyfriend, doctor-turned-actor Hayden Kho are “unofficially” together again, according to a report published on Sunday.

In an interview with Kapamilya talent Bianca Gonzalez for her column in the Philippine Star, Belo also said she “sincerely” loves Kho.

“I don’t know if we’ll be together but I know that I really love him sincerely,” Belo told Gonzalez. “Now he’s so strong. If I left his life today, he would be really okay.”

The controversial couple split up in February last year amid rumors of an alleged romance between Kho and former actress Nancy Castiliogne, who were reportedly seen kissing at a bar in Taguig.

At the time Belo, in a statement, said she was letting Kho go, so he won't have to "hide" his romance with Castiglione.

Castiglione, who is married and with children of her own, at the time, vehemently denied any involvement with Kho.

But early this year, Belo and Kho have been seen together in public several times.

In the interview, Belo didn’t mention Castiliogne but discussed another controversy involving Kho – the video sex scandal involving actress Katrina Halili in 2009.

Asked how she got over the scandal, Belo said: “I don’t know! I think because he told me the truth and he told me ahead of everyone. I think because I understand how it happened and why it happened.”

“But what has changed is it’s not anymore ‘Oh, he’s so wonderful and good.’ Now I get it, it (cheating) is gonna happen. And so far it’s been very light. …I haven’t forgiven him to the level that ‘I’m so in love with you and I’m gonna trust you again.’ It’s more like, ‘I’m watching you,’” Belo explained.

Belo also recalled Kho’s suicide attempt after the video scandal. “I thought he was gonna die, I was praying so hard,” she said.

“I actually feel guilty. When I met Hayden he was such a nerd. We started to go out and it was very quiet, then it came out and became so controversial. I found it unfair,” she added.

Belo, 57, also defended Kho, saying the 32-year-old Kho isn’t merely her “boytoy.”

“For me Hayden wasn’t pipitsugin! At 25, he was a doctor, was Mr. UST, varsity basketball, model; then he goes into my world and he’s the ‘boytoy’ of Vicki Belo. Teka muna, why are you looking at him like that?” she told Gonzalez.