Sex scenes 'normal' in Puerto Galera beaches?


Posted at Apr 20 2012 06:34 PM | Updated as of Apr 21 2012 03:51 AM

PUERTO GALERA, Philippines - Photos of sexual acts conducted publicly on White Beach, Puerto Galera, have angered officials of the popular tourist spot. However, a Bayan Patroller who took the photos of a foreigner and his Filipino partner in the early hours of April 15 insists locals shrugged off the incident as “normal.”

A couple having sex in public on a Puerto Galera
beach ignore people watching them. BMPM photo

Puerto Galera Mayor Hubbert Dolor told ABS-CBN’s Southern Tagalog news bureau that police teams do regular patrols of the area. “Nobody could have gotten away with it,” he insisted.
White Beach Barangay Captain Ohrie Bunquin also said it could not have happened on his turf.
"Imposible to kasi sa dami ng taong iyan may magsusumbong sa amin noon,” Ohrie said. (Impossible because with so many people there, someone would have complained.) He said members of the tanod or local village safety volunteers do regular rounds and would have trained their flashlights on any one engaged in public sex.
But the Bayan Patroller, a student of a Manila university, said people just shrugged off the incident.
“Wala silang violent reaction,” said the Bayan Patroller who sought anonymity. In an interview with Bayan Mo iPatrol Mo, she said: “Normal lang sa kanila. Dumadaan, nakakitang ay may ginagawa sila: ‘okay, ay ganito lang pala dito’. Yung iba, nanonood lang sila, wala lang, nagtatawanan sila.”
(There was no violent reaction. It seemed normal for them. People would pass by, see it and remark, ‘okay, this happens here.’ Others just watched and laughed.)
The Bayan Patroller, who was on her first visit to Puerto Galera, said she and her friends took photos, thinking it would prompt the couple to move.

A foreigner and his partner having sex in public in
Puerto Galera. BMPM photo

“Ay, walang effect. Hindi umalis. Mas naging wild pa sila. Alam nilang kinukunan sila.” (It had no effect on them. They did not leave. They became wilder. They knew people were taking photographs.)
The Bayan Patroller said a civilian volunteer arrived on the scene but only after the couple had left. She claimed local folk told her such scenes were “normal, kasi foreigner, liberated sila.” (It’s normal because they’re foreigners and they’re liberated.)
Tattoo artist Henry John Golez told the ABS-CBN regional news team that he has heard reports of but never personally witnessed such stunts. Bartender Shandy Alcarazen said he had no comment, “kasi personal life naman niya yun.” (It’s personal.)
Local officials have pledged to investigate the report. - Reports from Vincent Samonte and Kristine Repolina, BMPM