Can 'web art' get more votes?

By Faye Monchelle Gonzalez, Halalan Volunteer

Posted at Apr 19 2010 04:40 PM | Updated as of Apr 20 2010 06:37 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Remember the days when people danced around like spinning tops, crooned at the top of their lungs and did all sorts of things to make people remember the candidates they supported? Well, we don't see much of that now.

Nowadays, the country's presidential bets can be seen not only on posters but also on our computer screens. Indeed, campaigns for the upcoming national elections are no longer limited to the streets and our television sets.

Such is the lure of new media -- instead of hiring people to do the same thing over and over, a simple video and image posted in a website or a social network can do all the work.

Some pictures of our very own presidential candidates -- in awkward, funny or cool portrayals -- will definitely make them more memorable to the voting public. But will these rake in the votes?

See the images below and judge them for yourself.

Transformers. Blogger Mcoy posted a happy picture of presidential bet Richard "Dick" Gordon and his running mate Bayani "BF" Fernando as robots of popular comic book-turned-film "Transformers," which also happened to be the campaign pitch of the presidential tandem. Don't they look like toys that come with Happy Meals? Credit:


Yellow men. Blogger The Nashman posted a picture of Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III (a man who takes his "yellow campaign" seriously) alongside Simpsons patriarch Homer (a yellow man himself), saying that the 2 bear quite a resemblance. Do they? Credit:


Villar kids. Here is a screenshot of a video posted by YouTube user Crisel15, which shows Paint-drawn cartoon children singing a popular campaign tune of presidential bet Manuel "Manny" Villar. The video even provides English translations to the song's Tagalog lyrics -- "Have you ever bathed in a sea of trash, or spent Christmas on the streets?" You answer that. Credit: User Crisel15 of YouTube


Seeing double. Flickr user Debbie Uy posts an image of presidential bet Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro Jr.'s 2 faces -- one is wearing a polo barong, and the other looks as crisp as ever in his trademark green polo. So, who looks better? Credit: Debbie Uy


Another chance? Former president Joseph "Erap" Estrada, who is again eyeing the top position in the land, is featured in this edited movie poster published at the Lemdimsum blog. Originally a poster of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo, Estrada's face was made to fit the image alongside Pacmom Dionesia Pacquiao. Credit:


'Comic' support. Blogger Niko posted this image of himself with a Bro. Eddie comic strip to show his support for the presidential candidate. He cannot register nor vote in the upcoming elections due to his young age, but he firmly said that he will do his part by campaigning for his candidate. Credit:


Avatars. Wondered how presidential candidates JC delos Reyes and Nicanor Perlas look like if they were part of Hollywood film "Avatar?" Here is an image of them as posted at Credit:


Here are the descriptions and links to the other images of presidential candidates which cannot be posted here:

Erap in undies. An edited image of Estrada in his underwear was posted at the ohyeah2010presidentiables blog. Just this month, the former president ripped his pants during a campaign sortie in Leyte. Credit:

Watchful sister. An edited image of Kris Aquino watching over his older brother while giving out a speech, as posted at the Manila Bay Watch blog. Credit:

Going leafy. An image of a woman wearing greens and a sign that says "let vegetarianism grow on you" was edited to make it look like presidential bet Jamby Madrigal, as posted in the Good Morning Class blog. Earlier, the senator was caught off-guard when asked about fish prices. Credit: