Ocean Adventure rescues stranded dolphin in Subic


Posted at Apr 12 2015 06:19 PM | Updated as of Apr 13 2015 02:20 AM

SUBIC -- A rescue team from Ocean Adventure, a theme park in Subic, rescued a male dolphin last Thursday.

The team was assisted by local members of the Philippine Marine Mammal Stranding Network (PMMSN).

Dr. Leo Suarez, staff veterinarian at Ocean Adventure, said the rough-toothed dolphin that was first spotted by residents swimming close to the shoreline at about 7 a.m. had "already lost his bouyancy, and is very weak."

At the time, first responders of PMMSN held the stranded dolphin afloat for over two hours before the rescue team arrived.

A crowd that had gathered were asked to keep their distance and minimize noise as it would only add to the distress of the animal.

Upon arrival, Suarez, along with Ocean Adventure marine mammal experts and volunteers, examined the dolphin and collected a blood sample for analysis.

The dolphin was then carefully placed in a stretcher and carried to the boat where he was transported to the Dolphin Rescue and Rehabilitation Center at Ocean Adventure.

Based on Suarez' initial diagnosis of the animal's condition, it is likely the dolphin is suffering from "acoustic trauma."

"The dolphin will be provided 24/7 care by staff and trained volunteers to keep him safely afloat and to closely monitor his condition. Once we get the blood results we will give him the proper medications, fluids to hydrate him, and begin to offer him fish," Suarez said in a statement released by Ocean Adventure on Sunday.

He also noted that six dolphins have been brought to Ocean Adventure in the last year due to injuries caused by dynamite fishing. Two died, including a Frasers Dolphin named Julius from Pangasinan.

The other three dolphins survived but suffered permanent hearing loss.

Fondly referred to as the "Dynamite Girls," they are living in the open water lagoons at the park.

Another Rough-toothed dolphin, April from Ilocos Sur, is currently being rehabilitated under the care of veterinarians at the Rescue Center.