New vampire film features Abraham Lincoln


Posted at Apr 10 2012 01:06 PM | Updated as of Apr 10 2012 09:08 PM

MANILA, Philippines – The public has seen a lot of film adaptations of vampire fiction, from the popular classic “Dracula” to the more recent “Twilight” series.

Just recently, another vampire novel has been turned into a 3-D action horror film. And it stars an unlikely character – Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States.

“Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” is based on the 2010 novel of the same title by Seth Grahame-Smith.

The film stars Benjamin Walker and is directed by Timur Bekmambetov.

Grahame-Smith, who is also the executive producer of “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” told reporters in a web interview that both the movie and the novel have a “strange amount of historical accuracy in it.”

“I mean even though the premise of the movie might sound ridiculous, everything within the movie is treated with real care and historical accuracy. To the way things look, to the way Lincoln looks and behaves, to the timeline of how things actually unfolded,” he said.

Bekmambetov, for his part, explained why Lincoln is a good character for a vampire film.

“He’s a very unique super hero. It was not about jumping from roof to roof. It was about being with a nation, and the nation was his weapon,” he said. “He was tall with a big hat and a dark suit. He was a very strong man. There was a legend that he could hold the axe in a straight hand.”

Walker, meanwhile, said about Lincoln: “What makes him fascinating and impressive is that he was a common man who pulled himself up, who was self-educated; he made himself into a hero.”

Asked how he prepared for his newest role, the actor said: “I read a few books; one book in particular, about the melancholy of Abraham Lincoln, was very helpful. (It’s) kind of about his depressive and romantic nature. It lends itself nicely to our gothic tale.”

“Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” will hit local theaters on June 21.