FFXIII's characters: cool, annoying, forgettable

By Karen Flores, abs-cbnNEWS.com

Posted at Apr 01 2010 02:25 AM | Updated as of Apr 04 2010 09:11 PM

The main characters of Final Fantasy XIII can be classified under three categories -- the cool, the annoying and the forgettable.

The antagonist of FFXIII would not be revealed here, however, since it would mean spoiling the entire game.

The cool ones

Lightning and Oerba Yun Fang will make you want to go back and chase down enemies (even if you have to go the other way) just to see them do battle.

A former soldier, Lightning is a lot like Final Fantasy VII's Cloud Strife minus the psychological instability and self-esteem issues. She did, however, discard her real name (thus the moniker) in an attempt to reinforce herself following the death of her parents.

This strawberry blonde-haired, gunblade-wielding heroine exudes an aura of coolness, which, in my opinion, will put Cloud and every other Final Fantasy character (except for FFVII's Sephiroth, that is) to shame. It's hard not to be in awe whenever you see her in action, especially when she does a backflip and says "A target's a target" with an emotionless voice after slaying an enemy.

Fang, a raven-haired warrior from Gran Pulse, is the only other character that spiced up FFXIII, at least in my opinion. Fighting with a spear that can transform into a santetsukon (three-part staff), this no-nonsense woman knows how to defeat enemies in style.

She even has one of the coolest Eidolons (summon) in the game -- it's the only one that flies. All in all, Fang literally screams "hardcore."

The annoying ones

Every RPG usually has one annoying character. Apparently, the makers of FFXIII felt a bit generous and gave its gamers more than what was required -- Oerba Dia Vanille and Snow Villiers.

Vanille, a girl with red-brown hair worn in pigtails, is a huge pain especially at the start of the game -- her overly cheerful attitude is just too unbearable that it's totally impossible. Think Final Fantasy X's Rikku on steroids -- she even swings her hips while walking, running, and fighting enemies.

As the story unfolds, however, Vanille's other side will be revealed, making her more human (and a tad bit tolerable).

Another irritating character is Snow, a tall, blonde-haired man who has a severe case of Hero complex. Unfortunately for Lightning, he is the fiance of her younger sister, Serah Farron.

At some point in the game, Snow's cheesiness will get on your nerves -- by then, you'll probably get to understand how Lightning feels.

The forgettable ones

Hope Estheim and Sazh Katzroy are quite unremarkable. Forgettable, even.

A 14-year-old boy with silvery-blonde hair, Hope is an emotional kid that wants to get revenge for the death of his mother.

He could've been an interesting character if he didn't look a lot like Vaan -- Final Fantasy XII's protagonist, which, in my opinion is nothing but a waste of precious space. Unfortunately for him, his character had to take on such a bland template.

Sazh, on the other hand, is not that bad at all. His appearance was said to be based on Lionel Richie, and the chocobo chick that lives inside his afro hair is actually quite cool.

A former airship pilot of the military, Sazh uses twin pistols in battle. He occasionally provides comic relief in the game, but other than that, Sazh is quite average.

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