Netizens on 'Pacific Rim' photo: Why dirty Manila?


Posted at Mar 29 2013 09:30 AM | Updated as of Mar 29 2013 10:12 PM

Netizens on 'Pacific Rim' photo: Why dirty Manila? 1
A scene from "Pacific Rim" showing Manila.

MANILA, Philippines – A still from Hollywood movie “Pacific Rim” showing a pile of sea monster excrement in Manila has again awakened indignation from Filipinos online, who say filmmakers abroad should stop focusing on the “ugly” side of the Philippines.

Similar to the reactions triggered by “The Bourne Legacy”, where lead actors Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz were shown running through the slums of Manila, the pile of poop in "Pacific Rim" has netizens abuzz.

However, while some have blasted the city’s on-screen depiction, others say it is a harmless detail in one of the most-anticipated movies this year.

A teaser photo released by Warner Bros. shows a screen-grab from a news flash reporting that a sea monster (kai kaiju) wreaked havoc in Manila and left a pile of poop contaminating the city. The photo was a still from the trailer of the new film by Guillermo del Toro, which will open in the Philippines on July 11.

Warner Bros. did not provide additional details about Manila’s exposure in the movie.

“Nice…pero, puro basurahan?” said Vince Cudas on Facebook. DarkLight Agustenrush quipped, “At least na feature sya hahaha.”

Gilbert Martinez said, “Sana gumawa na lang sila ng fictional place, instead ginawang ‘contaminates city’ iyong Manila.”

Leoniv Crisostomo, meanwhile, asked if the filmmakers got tired of New York, a Hollywood favorite as the focus of attack by monsters. “Bakit di nila lagyan ng ebak ang Statue of Liberty? Tutal lahat naman ng disaster, New York ang bida.”

Others criticized the misspelling of the Philippines in the caption. The country’s name was shown as “Phillipines.”

However, Jeremy Agustin emphasized that the film only shows a fictional Philippines.

“The plot of the movie is set in the near future where the army is battling giant monsters or ‘Kaiju.’ In this case a Kaiju is in a fictional Philippines. ‘Wag masyadong padala sa emosyon,” he said.

This was seconded by Micahel Bernard, who wrote, “Huwag naman tayo masyadong sensitive. Just a movie at hindi naman nakakasira ng image natin iyan.”

Ronsky Ayson joked, “Fictional lang naman 'to. Walang pinagkaiba sa mga campaign ads ng mga politiko sa TV.”

Jose Angeles said people should not be so sensitive, as they have not yet even watched the movie. Also, Manila is a natural place to feature in a sea monster flick, as it is close to the sea.

“Malay niyo sa kwento ng pelikula, umahon 'yung monster sa Manila Bay, biglang sumakit ang tiyan... nadumi ayun nagkalat siya sa Maynila... Sea monster nga, alangan naman maghanap pa siya ng toilet,” he said.

A pragmatic James Montemayor, meanwhile, said Filipinos should accept that the Philippines is a dirty place. “Totoo naman lahat iyan. ‘Wag natin ikahiya,” he said.

Movie fans, on the other hand, simply expressed excitement over the film.

On Twitter, @iamAEF said, “Can't wait for that film. It's like Godzilla meets Evangelion.”

According to the film’s trailer, chaos ensued after a portal between dimensions opened beneath the Pacific Ocean, and out came the “kaiju.” Determined to save humanity, people then built machines or large robots, to fight the monsters.