Wikipedia users divided on ‘Noynoying’ article

by Ivy Jean Vibar,

Posted at Mar 22 2012 04:02 PM | Updated as of Mar 23 2012 02:06 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Despite President Benigno Aquino III’s dismissal of “Noynoying” as an act of people who refuse to see the good things that the current administration is doing, local activists’ version of “owling” and “planking” is threatening to become a household word.

“Noynoying” has been used by activists during protest movements to demonstrate Aquino and the government’s lack of action on issues they say should merit immediate attention. In demonstrating Aquino’s alleged laziness, people lie on the ground, lean on objects, or pretend to sleep.

Aside from trending on microblogging site Twitter and having about 3,685 likes on Facebook as of posting time, “Noynoying” now has an entry in the user-managed free online encyclopedia Wikipedia. However, the article is currently tagged for possible deletion in accordance with the site’s deletion policy.

Stating that “Noynoying” is merely a meme that “may not be anything more than a one-time event,” Wikipedia users say the article should have been deleted “yesterday” or may be better off in UrbanDictionary or KnowYourMeme, user-managed sites which document memes and slang words.

“Some articles just don't belong in an encyclopedia, whether a paper-based one or an online one like Wikipedia. A local slang term which is not very notable from a worldwide view (or which is not covered in popular culture) is a candidate for the Urban Dictionary, not for Wikipedia,” Ntlespino said.

Mvching, meanwhile, said the word may not even be considered a meme yet, as has not become as viral as other memes such as those of then-University of the Philippines Law student Christopher Lao, who “should have been informed” about the conditions of a flooded street, where he accidentally “drowned” his car.

“Instead of a single article, I think we should include it in the entry for Pres. Aquino,” Mvching said.

Some users who voted for deletion labeled the term “merely propaganda”.

Wikipedia users who have voted for a “provisional keep”, meaning the article may be kept if it is cleaned up to meet encyclopedia standards, said it must have better sources, and is not a meme but a neologism. A neologism is a newly-coined term nearing common usage.

User HTD, who voted that the article be kept, said it “became like the jejemon phenomenon, only bigger.”

The term has not yet made it to local encyclopedia WikiPilipinas, or its Filipino counterpart WikiFilipino, though Project Lead Merck Maguddayao said an article submitted to them by a user is currently for approval.

“I think it really is propaganda,” Maguddayao said. “However, we would vote for it be kept instead of deleted, because it is within the framework of WikiPilipinas. While we follow an ‘encyclopedic’ style and structure, we write on all topics about the Philippines.”

If no user discussion arises on the deletion of certain articles, WikiPilipinas deletes entries its editors think are inappropriate, inaccurate, or are not based on facts.

“The word ‘Noynoying’ has been a viral term used to satirize or even mock the president’s apparent laziness. It deserves a place in WikiPilipinas. However, [we] have to ensure that the article on Noynoying will not be written as propaganda, and have good sources. Hindi siya dapat gamitin para i-promote ang politics of certain groups.”