Review: Ageless Cyndi Lauper still rocks

By Fredda Ruth Rosete

Posted at Mar 19 2012 05:47 PM | Updated as of Mar 20 2012 01:48 AM

MANILA, Philippines -- Cyndi Lauper absolutely rocked Araneta Center down with her stellar performance last Saturday.

What an insanely talented, so unusual woman! Like fine wine and Cher, her power and glory has only gotten better with age.

She lustily hopped, bopped, strutted, danced and ran around the stage and stood up on vacant seats to sing while we cheered and clapped.

She mad-libbed bombastically in many songs, rapped like a woodpecker, screeched out the high notes like a cat in heat. Any doubts about her vocal range were laid to rest in her operatic rendition of “La Vie en Rose” in her finale.

She stomped and growled in several bluesy numbers -- although the harmonica and jangly guitars were way too loud -- such as “Crossroads” and “What’s Going On,” then wrenched a few tears, while crooning “True Colors” and “Time after Time” in that high, raspy voice that she could control so well!

In other words, si Lola nagwawala sa stage! Respect and love for Cyndi Lauper!

I believe I discovered her secret for being so youthful, wildly energetic and amazing (and therefore inspiring) at her age: She has remained true to herself, and she is having so much fun doing what she’s doing -- writing songs, performing, and touring!