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Posted at Mar 17 2013 10:15 PM | Updated as of Mar 18 2013 05:22 PM

John Cuay gives advice on how to burn belly fat in 4 weeks

MANILA, Philippines - Summer is just around the corner and many of us are heading for the beach. In the spirit of the season, I visited my friend, fitness expert, John Cuay, to share us some fat burning tips.

Cuay is a passionate fitness expert known for his core and abs classes.

Cuay (left) with the author

He studied physical therapy in Miami and Sports Kinesiology in Colombia.

"I came back here ten years ago, I started teaching Taebo as a certified instructor... And eventually introduced other classes at Golds Gym such as Core, Abs training and Zumba," said Cuay.

Cuay has also been the major fitness force behind top beauty queens such as Bb. Pilipinas Universe beauties Bianca Manalo, Venus Raj, Shamcey Supsup and Janine Tugonon.

"Beauty is all about symmetry... It's not all about having a very small waistline but it's about creating the shapes," explained Cuay.

"I like training the beauty queens because it's my own way of helping ...I can inspire others to reach their goals through their examples," he added.

Practice what you preach

Cuay explained that a fitness expert should be a role model of what he or she is teaching.

"I was really fat before so I made it my mission to apply the best and most effective techniques to achieve my fitness goals," he said.

Cuay before

Cuay today


According to Cuay, fat burning is 80% diet and 20% exercise.

"Every program should start with a disciplined diet... If you want to burn fat in four weeks, you must consistently follow my diet rules," he said.

The author and Cuay discuss diet rules

Some of his diet rules: Eat three major meals a day, with two healthy snack times (such as unsalted peanuts) in between.

All major meals should be composed of 40% complex carbs like fresh fruits and vegetables. Strictly no white rice; only half cup of unprocessed rice is allowed.

It should also have 40% healthy protein without oil -- like grilled or steamed fish or chicken breast or beans -- and, as much as possible, without too much sauces and msg, sugar and salt.

Absolutely no cakes and desserts, no processed food and no softdrinks and processed juice.

Cuay's exercise program

According to Cuay, belly-burning results are evident in four weeks if one follows his simple core exercise program five times a week consistently.

"I focus on programs that everyone can do and apply at home... I don't really support complicated workouts that create injury because it doesn't end in the gym," said Cuay.

Exercise 1: The Plank

According to Cuay, the plank should be held in position for one minute, five sets. Once could rest for 45 seconds in between sets.

The Plank

"Remember that you must always vacuum your abs while doing it but do not hold your breath," said Cuay.

He added that when doing the plank exercise, all the core muscles are being worked out.

"The major core muscles are the abs, obliques, lower back and upper back," he said.

Exercise 2: Dead Bug

"The dead bug should be performed with using alternate positions per repetition. You must complete three sets of 15 reps," said Cuay.

Dead Bug Position 1

Dead Bug Position 2

Cuay also reiterated the importance of holding the stomach in while doing the exercise.

"This exercise tightens the core and stomach back and it creates active movement that works each muscle of the body," he said.

Exercise 3: Side bending

"The side bending exercise should be performed with 15 reps and three sets," said Cuay.

Side Bending Position 1

Side Bending Position 2

Side Bending Position 3

Cuay explained that the side bending exercise directly attacks the love handles or "bilbil."

Exercise 4: Bird Dog

"Do 15 reps and three sets of the Bird Dog exercise to tighten the thighs, butt, abs and shoulders and burn all your extra fats in the body... make sure that you vacuum your abs when you do it," explained Cuay.

Bird Dog Position 1

Bird Dog Position 2

Exercise 5: Full squats

According to Cuay, the full squats are very important. The exercise works out the legs and every muscle in the body.

"Make sure your stomach is in when you do three sets of 10 repetitions of this exercise...Every time you squat, push the hips backwards and remember there is a book on top of your head...Imagine that there is a chair behind you," he said.

Squat Position 1

Squat Position 2


The last ingredienst to Cuay's program are being consistent and having a positive mental attitude.

"Consistency means you have to do do this 5 times a weeks with a positive mental attitude. When you see results after the next 4 weeks, then you'll be inspired to go further. So you should make it a lifestyle and break the bad habits of cramming to get fit just because of summer," he said.

"I think that my story is a gift...It drives me to share the lessons I've learned...because fitness is for everyone," he added.

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