Style tips from Richard Yap

By Karen Flores,

Posted at Mar 06 2014 07:40 AM | Updated as of Mar 07 2014 01:54 AM

Style tips from Richard Yap 1 Richard Yap.Photo by Karen Flores,

MANILA – “Be Careful with My Heart” star Richard Yap has been getting a lot of attention from the ladies for his “chinito” appeal, which is further highlighted by his good taste in clothes.

The 46-year-old actor, known to many as Sir Chief in the hit ABS-CBN daytime series, is always seen wearing tailored shirts with simple and clean lines, emphasizing his best features.

Brands were also quick to notice Yap’s polished look, with many of them offering endorsement deals to boost their image and reach. Now considered one of the country’s top endorsers, the actor promotes anything from Chinese food and pasta to banks and life insurance.

Just recently, Yap was tapped by Giordano as its first-ever local endorser, with the Hong Kong-based retailer noting his preference for timeless pieces.

In an interview with, Yap said the key to dressing well is wearing good quality clothes that suit a person’s body and personality as opposed to relying on designer brands or blindly following trends.

Describe your personal style.

It’s either t-shirt and jeans, or polo shirt and jeans. I’m very simple. I don’t like to dress very maarte. I’m not a fussy dresser. As long as the shirt and the jeans look nice, I’m okay with that.

Who are your style icons/inspirations?

I don’t really have a specific style icon or inspiration. I usually look at some stars in Hollywood and I see a lot of things that I can get from them, like Christian Bale and all that. Sometimes I say, ‘oh I like that look’ and I incorporate that into mine.

Do you like following fashion trends or would you rather set them?

It depends. If the fashion at this time is… it fits my personality, I would follow the trend. I’d rather have the trend adjust to my needs than the other way around.

What are five things that you should always have in your closet?

Crisp white polo shirt, a suit for formal occasions, a polo shirt, jeans and a nice jacket. The jacket can be any material.

What is one thing that you will never be caught wearing?

Plaid pants. (laughs)

What is the most outrageous thing that you have ever worn?

I think most of the things that I’ve worn were pretty safe, pretty conservative. So I guess none.

Imagine it’s Halloween. Who will you be dressed as?

Hmm… I haven’t dressed up in Halloween for a long time (laughs).

Give me some style tips that you live by.

Don’t let your jeans fall below your butt (laughs), because some of the kids today they tend to show their underwear, like hip-hop and all that. That’s really a no-no.

Your clothes should fit you nicely. You shouldn’t be wearing it too loose or too tight.

Wear something that is functional, not just something that you’d look good in but it’s not really fit for the occasion.

Don’t go overboard. Simple and clean lines are always better than looking too overdressed.