Traveling as a couple? Here are some tips


Posted at Mar 05 2012 01:57 PM | Updated as of Mar 05 2012 09:58 PM

Husband and wife team Mykel Hawke and Ruth England of Discovery Channel travel to remote parts of the world in Discovery Channel's "Man, Woman, Wild."

MANILA, Philippines - Are you planning to travel to a foreign land with your special someone? You may want to remember a few things before riding that plane.

Husband-and-wife team Mykel Hawke and Ruth England of the Discovery Channel show "Man, Woman, Wild" recently shared their thoughts on couples traveling together, having done this themselves during the show's two seasons.

In a phone interview with reporters from the Southeast Asian region, they said that it is always best for couples to do a bit of preparation even if their destination is considered safe and known to many.

"Look at where you are geographically. If something were to go wrong, where are you actually going to end up? Look at the type of terrain you're going to be traveling in," said England, a journalist who has traveled to the most remote locations in the world with her husband, who is a former Special Forces survival expert.

What you wear while traveling is also very important, she added. Aside from your partner, England said your clothes will also serve as your line of defense against the elements and other factors.

"Most people are going to be in a plane or a car or a boat, and you might be in a temperature-controlled environment and you might not think 'I'm going to take my big heavy coat with me.' But I always travel with the clothing that I would need in the first instance if something were to go wrong and I was tipped out of whatever mode of transport I was in," she explained.

For his part, Hawke said couples should always bring "the basics" such as water, food, a lighter and a flashlight just in case something comes up.

Hawke and England have found their way out of the flooded Amazon jungle, made fresh water from raisins while lost at sea, and faced off against black bears and grizzlies during the two seasons of "Man, Woman, Wild."

Both agreed that their travels to the toughest parts of the world have tested not only their survival skills, but also their marriage.

"I think the main lesson we learned in Season One which for me was really reinforced in Season Two is Myke's mantra of never quit. Even when you feel that there's no hope and it's dreadful and you just want to give up, just don't. Just carry on and see it through," England said.

Asked to give advice to normal couples who have relationship troubles during their travels, Hawke said: "The best thing is for all couples to realize that you both share the same goal and that's to either fix a problem or get out of a problem. Decide what you can both do right there, right now to fix it and carry the argument for later, then solve the problem altogether."

England added: "I think it's easy for emotions to get escalated when you're in a stressful environment that's unfamiliar to you and it can often help just to take five minutes, sit down, be calm, count to ten, however much time you have available to you, so you're not whipping yourself and each other up into a frenzy."

"Man, Woman, Wild" airs every Tuesday on Discovery Channel at 9 p.m. with replays every Wednesday at 2 p.m.