Review: 2PM shows Manila a good time

By Cathy Rose A. Garcia,

Posted at Mar 03 2013 12:08 PM | Updated as of Mar 04 2013 11:30 PM

Review: 2PM shows Manila a good time 1
Giant video screens not only showed the members of 2PM up close but also subtitles for Filipino fans. Photo by Cathy Rose A. Garcia for

MANILA, Philippines – South Korean boy band 2PM showed Filipino fans a good time at their first concert in the country, Saturday night.

The hunky six-member group, composed of Jun K., Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho and Chansung, charmed the audience with their singing, slick dance moves and charming smiles.

Filipino fans welcomed 2PM with deafening screams that filled the Mall of Asia Arena despite some empty seats. 2PM looked cool, dancing and singing to “I’ll Be Back” in their black and silver outfits as pyrotechnics went off around the stage.

Some technical glitches marred their first three songs but 2PM looked unfazed and warmly greeted their fans.

Nichkhun, the group’s only Thai member, said he has been to Manila before but it was the other members’ first time to the Philippines.

2PM may be known for their catchy dance tracks, but they showed their versatility with different genres such as R&B, rock and romantic ballads.

They got the crowd on its feet with their hits “Heartbeat,” and “Again and Again.” Obviously, the hunky heartthrobs knew how to thrill their female fans, teasing them with glimpses of their abs during their performances.

For “Back 2 U” and “Like a Movie,” they sexily grooved with their female back-up dancers. 2PM rocked the Arena with upbeat songs “Without You”, “Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop,” “HOT,” and “10 out of 10.”

2PM, looking dashing in their white suits, played up their romantic image with the ballads “I Can’t,” and “Only You.” By the time 2PM performed “Hands Up,” the crowd was dancing, jumping and screaming for more.

Solo stage

Each 2PM member prepared a solo performance. Chansung, the youngest of the group, sang “Love You Down,” where he proved he can do some sexy dance moves. He even ripped off his shirt at the end. Junho not just sang and danced to “Just a Feeling,” but he also played the drums.

Wooyoung showed off his sharp dance moves for “Sexy Lady,” while Taecyeon opened his number by doing a little DJ-ing. For “It’s Time,” Taecyeon rapped, asking fans to “throw your hands up in the sky.” Incidentally, Taecyeon and Wooyoung may be familiar to some Filipino fans as the stars of the popular TV series “Dream High.”

Nichkhun, who was recently tapped by Bench as an endorser, played the piano while singing his English composition “Let It Rain,” while Jun K. performed “Just One Night.” Later in the show, Nichkhun and Jun K. sang bits of their song while Taec did some beatboxing in the background.

A special video “2PM Proposal” was shown during the concert, to play up the group’s romantic image. In the short video, the boys prepared a “special proposal” for their fans, giving them cakes and stuffed toys, much like what a boyfriend would do for his girlfriend. There was even a message written in Tagalog at the end of the video, thanking their loyal fans for their support and love.

A 2PM surprise?

2PM prepared a surprise for fans --- Wooyoung singing of the Tagalog children’s song “Tong, tong, pakitong kitong.” But he didn’t really know the lyrics, so he had to ask the audience to sing along with him.

While Taecyeon and Nichkhun were the most fluent in English, the other members also made the effort to speak a few words of English and Filipino. They joked around with some Tagalog phrases and words such as “gutom ako” (I am hungry), “guapo” (handsome) and “mahal kita” (love you).

Organizers of the concert made sure that the Kpop group can communicate well with their Filipino fans through subtitles on the big screen.

'Mind-blasting night'

2PM seemed to enjoy being on stage and interacting with their fans. Some members were even spotted grabbing fans’ cameras and iPads, and taking photos with them.

“I want to thank you guys for the love and support. Tonight was mind-blasting, one level above mind-blowing,” Nichkhun said.

Taecyeon flattered the crowd, saying Manila was “the hottest” in their “What Time Is It 2PM Live Tour” so far. “This year we are going to make a comeback. We will be back with a brand new concert,” he said.

So after nearly two hours and a half on stage, 2PM said their goodbyes, with a promise that they will be back soon with a new album.

“We can’t forget your love. We will be back soon. Mahal kita. Salamat po (We love you. Thank you),” Wooyoung said.