Year of the Sheep: An overview


Posted at Feb 17 2015 01:03 PM | Updated as of Feb 18 2015 02:57 AM

MANILA – Are you curious about what the Year of the Sheep will bring? Feng shui expert Princess Lim Fernandez of Yin and Yang Shop of Harmony in New World Makati shares an overview of the coming Chinese New Year.

Fernandez said that while the Lunar New Year will officially start on February 19, spring season has begun on February 4. This means that a baby born from the noon of February 4 onwards already belongs to the Year of the Sheep zodiac, also called the Year of the Goat, and no longer the Year of the Horse.

She advised businesses to open not on February 19 but on February 23 to welcome more wealth. Some of the “lucky” industries this year, according to her, are related to wood (textile, garments, environment, paper, print media, logging, furniture, design, manufacturing and books) and fire (restaurants, energy, power, electronics, sports, exercises and entertainment).

Weaker businesses, on the other hand, are industries related to water such as tourism, shipping, transportation, logistics, water supply, hospitality and trading. Fernandez stressed, however, that these industries can still do well if owners and employees put in extra effort.

She went on to share that the generally favorable direction in the home and office this coming Year of the Sheep is north, which is home to the “wealth star.” The northwest contains the “promotion and academic star,” while the northeast has the “travel star.”

The “romance star” and the “prosperity star,” on the other hand, are in the east and the southwest areas, respectively.

Meanwhile, the unfavorable directions include the west, which has the “disaster star,” and the southeast, which has the “sickness and backstabbing star.” Other not-so-good areas are the center (“conflict star”) and south (“robbery and scandal star”). Fernandez advised people to place lucky charms to attract good fortune and to counter negative energies.