How Peter Musngi became the 'voice' of ABS-CBN


Posted at Feb 07 2016 01:57 AM | Updated as of Oct 19 2016 05:19 PM

MANILA - The journey from being a disc jockey to becoming the official voice of one of the country's broadcasting networks did not become easy for Peter Musngi, who faced rejection several times.

Speaking to Radio dzMM's "Turo-Turo," Musngi, who has been dubbed ABS-CBN's "golden voice," recalled how listening to the radio sparked his interest in developing his voice.

"It all started I think kasi, mahilig kami... I'm the generation of radio listeners. Sa probinsiya namin, walang TV. Nung kolehiyo ako noon, ang sikat na sikat ay DZBM," Musngi said.

He added that he started by imitating what he hears on radio and reading aloud to himself.

"Nagsimula sa paghanga, sa paggaya, hanggang sa pagdadala ng diyaryo sa banyo at pagbabasa."

"Gaya ka lang ng gaya, and then later on, nag-eevolve 'yung sarili mong style and then after a while, 'yung sarili mong style na 'yun, nagmu-multiply into several types of announcing," Musngi said.

Before becoming a voice-over artist, Musngi started as a DJ in a local pop radio station. He was then tapped to voice over for a commercial, and then for movie trailers.

It was difficult at first, since the style of voicing is different for each type of advertisement, he said.

"I started by being a DJ ng pop radio station, sigawan ng sigawan. And then later on, you realize, 'Halika nga, susubukan nga kita sa commercial,' iba pala. Iba 'yung disiplina ng pagiging DJ, iba 'yung commercial announcer, kahit sabihin pa na this is high energy, sales ito, iba. And then, noong na-master ko na kahit paano, 'yung pagiging commercial announcer, tapos sinabi sa akin, 'Halika, gumawa ka ng movie trailer.' Iba pa rin yun," he said.

For Musngi, being an announcer or voice-over artist requires a person to be able to deliver the message without calling attention to himself.

"As an announcer kasi, as much as possible, you don't call attention to yourself. You deliver the message, you relay what the story is."

Musngi also added that it was after listening to Joonee Gamboa, who is also a popular voice-over artist, that he was inspired to develop his talent.

"'Yung layer ng kanyang voice is so natural na talagang kakapit, it touches you. Ang vinoice niya noon eh bakal, commercial ng bakal. So bakal ito, construction. Bakal 'yung pinag-uusapan, pero muntik na akong maiyak."

"And that's the secret of a good voice over talent, ang makuha mo hindi lang 'yung atensyon, kundi 'yung simpatya ng tao, nai-communicate mo," Musngi said.

An alumnus of the University of the East, Musngi was first discovered after he accidentally sang the nursery rhyme "Little Peter Rabbit" over the radio.

As a testament to the quality of his voice, it captured the attention of the late actress and radio personality Helen Vela. "Mula noon ang bansag na sa akin ay 'Peter Rabbit," he shared in an earlier interview.

Musngi went on to host several radio shows. In his 30 years in the Kapamilya network, he had spearheaded numerous projects and led Manila Radio Division and ABS-CBN Sports to fame and success.

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