Meet 2 'doubles' in 'Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition'


Posted at Feb 04 2014 03:17 AM | Updated as of Feb 04 2014 07:15 PM

MANILA -- In the pilot episode of "Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition: Doubles," host Iza Calzado and Team BL introduced 2 of the 14 pairs that would compete to lose the most amount of weight.

The latest edition of reality TV contest will give each pair a 30-day challenge.

After the challenge, they will be weighed on the "Timbangan ng Bayan" to know if how much weight they lost. Only the 10 pairs who lost the biggest amount of weight will be allowed to enter the camp.

Sisters: Tin and Dianne Obsina

Dianne, 23 and her sister, Tin, 22, are both nurses. They live with their elder sister and their mother, who they describe as very supportive.

Both of them are single, and have never had boyfriends.

"Sabi ni Mommy, bawal magboyfriend hanggang hindi guma-graduate. That is the easiest law to follow kasi wala namang nanliligaw," said Tin.

They also share love for food, which they consider as something that helps them relax, gives them comfort, and makes them happy.

The Obsina sisters also share their love for their mother, who is always there to support them and provide their needs, especially when their father left them.

Mommy Anita explained that although she feels sad that she wouldn't see her daughters once they enter camp, she believes that it will be worth it.

"Ayoko sila makita na nakikita ng buong mundo yung tiyan na malaki, yung hita na malaki, pero alam ko pagbalik nila, sexy na sila," she added.

The Obsina sisters have a total combined weight of 478 pounds. They promised that they will come out of the camp and conquer the world one country at a time -- wearing only bikinis.

Married Couple: Carl and Kayen Lazaro

Carl, 36, and Kayen, 35, Lazaro met because they shared a love for sports. They admitted that they were not that big when they first met, but gained weight after they got married.

Kayen works as an aftersales manager in a company, while Carl works as a basketball coach for the high school basketball team of Miriam College.

Because both of their jobs tend to be stressful and time consuming, Carl and Kayen resorted to eating out as a form of bonding and communicate with each other. They admitted that they go to a buffet almost every week.

They believe that the "Biggest Loser" camp will help them not only to become healthy and fit, but also help their marriage.

"Para itong rehab para ma-change iyung habits namin," Kayen said.

They also want to lose weight for their son, Cace.

The Lazaro couple has a combined weight of 567 pounds. They are hoping that once they come out of the camp, they will choose to enjoy activities with their son instead of eating out.

Learn more about the other 'double' and watch their journey every night in "Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition: Doubles."