Ways to bring in luck at home this 2015


Posted at Feb 01 2015 06:53 PM | Updated as of Feb 02 2015 02:53 AM

MANILA - Ahead of the Chinese New Year this month, here are some ways to bring luck to your home during the Year of the Sheep.

In an interview on DZMM on Sunday, popular feng shui expert Marites Allen shared some tips for those who are building or re-decorating their homes.

Allen said one must first determine the direction of the house with a compass. Another option is to see where the sunrise is coming from.

Here are the eight orientations to remember:

1. South

Houses facing south are in for a treat because this direction brings in fame and recognition.

The lucky color for this direction is red, which one can use in furnishings or fixtures.

"South po kapag gusto mong gumanda ang buhay mo. Tingin mo trabaho ka ng trabaho, 'di ka nabibigyan ng rekognasyon sa trabaho, look after the south part of your house," she said.

Allen also advised to clean all spaces facing south to fend off bad luck.

"Tanggalin 'yung mga kalat, mga dumi, 'yung mga basura. Pwede mo siya kulayan ng something red, something pink," she advised.

2. North

Aside from lucky colors black, blue, and gray, Allen said fixtures such as water fountain and aquarium may be added, as this direction is associated with water elements.

"This year, 2015, is extra special kasi andito nga 'yung sinasabi nating wealth energy," she said.

3. East

For those with health concerns, the east direction is the one that must be looked after.

Translating to longevity, the east is also the direction that focuses most on the family.

Its lucky colors include dark green and dark brown, while wood elements can be used in the furniture.

"Kunwari sa bahay mo meron kang garden, meron kang living room in the east, lagyan mo siya ng mga kulay na greens and browns to be incorporated to your sala set," Allen said.

4. West

"The year calls for a very good time for networking, business luck," Allen said.

Aside from the metal element, the west direction is best matched with white, gold, and silver.

Allen recommends painting rooms in this direction in white, or have something such as a a simple metal frame bed.

5. Southeast

The southeast direction is associated with the dragon and the snake. It best translates to bringing wealth to the whole house by having wood elements present through furniture or in the garden.

6. Northwest

Similar to west-facing homes, the northwest direction is best for businesses and networking. Its lucky colors are also white, gold and silver, represented by the dog and boar signs.

7. Northeast

Represented by the tiger and the ox, the northeast is best for trying one's luck with the lotto or sweepstakes. Its earth elements include charms such as crystals and quartz. It is also good for education and travel, according to Allen.

8. Southwest

Lastly, the southwest direction is translated with the sheep and monkey signs.

This is the direction and corner for love and marriage, making it key that rooms in the southwest direction must not be a storage area, kitchen or restroom.

"Sa mga nagkakaproblema sa mga asawa, separation, heartbreak, [check] kung hindi siya kubeta, kitchen, o storage... kasi it suppresses the luck," Allen explained.