Looking for love this 2015? Two tips for singles


Posted at Jan 02 2015 05:38 PM | Updated as of Jan 03 2015 10:53 PM

Bo Sanchez

MANILA – Motivational speaker and best-selling author Bo Sanchez has two tips for singles seeking love this year.

In an interview on the ANC program “Headstart,” Sanchez said single men and women should first focus on being the “right person” before heading out in search of “the one.”

This, he said, involves becoming a happy and confident person who has let go of his or her doubts, fears and insecurities.

“Work on the cobwebs of the mind and remove them. Remove the doubts, the fears and the insecurities. Just be confident and happy as a person because when you love yourself, you become attractive,” said Sanchez, who is happily married and has two children.

The other half of the equation, according to Sanchez, is “changing your itinerary,” or making an effort to meet other single people in new environments.

“Sometimes, some people are just so locked into an itinerary – their work, their regular pattern whereby there are not enough single men or women out there in their age, in their level and in their wavelength.

“Maybe you need to enroll in an entrepreneurial class, or maybe you need to go mountain climbing. [What is important is you] Get out there,” he explained.

While he acknowledged the effectiveness of being set up on dates, Sanchez said it is better to first get to know people as friends through a common activity or project so the relationship – if it will blossom – will last longer.

“I know someone who is set up on dates. Some friends say, ‘hey, I know this guy and you can hang out.’ But my recommendation is to really go out there and be involved in projects. Get to know people, get to know lots of single men and women,” he said.

“Instead of looking at this person as a potential romantic partner, just start with friendship because that is the best way to get to know someone,” he added.