Sportswear, aqua top fashion trends for 2012


Posted at Jan 02 2012 08:50 PM | Updated as of Jan 04 2012 01:27 AM

Fashion trend for 2012

MANILA, Philippines - The ‘80s inspired punk look of 2011 is out.

This year, make way for sportswear or sports-inspired fashion, inspired from the upcoming Olympic Summer Games in London.

Geolette Esguerra, features editor of Metro Magazine, says because the Olympics is such a big event, even fashion is being influenced by it.

“Sports is also associated with performance so usually [clothes will be] tighter,” Esguerra says.

Polka dots are also a surprising new trend for the start of the year. And even before the summer hits, the aqua trend will be in full swing.

Blue, green, turquiose and white will be riding the fashion waves in summer, as well as shell-inspired and natural fiber accessories.

Prints will also still be an in thing, Esguerra says.

She says color blocking will also continue to trend this year, but the hues will be a bit more subdued in contrast to the stark color contrasts of 2011.

For men who are looking to step up the ante in 2012, pastel pieces will be a nice go-to look to highlight any outfit.

Also adding spice to mens wear are structured bags that are becoming more and more of a fashion statement.

Esguerra says, “Guys are starting to have more than just a cell phone and wallet so they need to carry bags too.”

When it comes to 2012 hairstyles, too short isn’t too in for men. Ditto with super straight hair for women.

This year's “just rolled out of bed” waves are taking the spotlight, making things a bit easier for that woman on the go.

“Imagine the ‘80s volume but tamer, so it’s more natural,” Esguerra says.

But remember: The new year does not necessarily mean getting an entire new wardrobe.

For the budget-conscious consumer, just pick one or two of your favorite trends to add a new feel to yesterday's wardrobe, Esguerra says.

And remember the biggest fashion statement isn’t necessarily dictated by runway looks; comfort and confidence in one’s own skin is still the most head-turning trend. - Report from Ginger Conejero, ABS-CBN News