How Pinay bets performed in Miss Universe Q&A


Posted at Jan 27 2017 02:41 PM | Updated as of Jan 27 2017 03:08 PM

As we count down the days before the next Miss Universe pageant, let us take a look back at how Filipina beauty queens performed during the question and answer round of the international competition. 

GLORIA DIAZ (Winner, Miss Universe 1969)

Question: In the next day or so, a man will land on the moon. If a man from the moon lands in your hometown, what would you do to entertain them?

Answer: Oh, just the same things I do. I think if he has been on the moon for so long, I think when he comes over he wants to change, I guess. Photo from @its.gloriadiaz on Instagram/Courtesy of Solar, LCS, MUO

MARGIE MORAN (Winner, Miss Universe 1973)

Question: Let’s make believe that all of a sudden you had a million dollars. What’s the first thing you would buy and why would you buy it?

Answer: A house and lot because it’s the most expensive thing and I can’t afford it. So if I had a million bucks I would buy a house and lot and live by myself and other people of course. Photo from @margie_moran on Instagram/Courtesy of Solar, LCS, MUO

ROSEMARIE BROSAS (Fourth runner-up, Miss Universe 1975)

Question 1: Did you see our pageant in the Philippines last year? What ran through your mind when you watched the girls on our stage last year?

Answer: Yes, I was one of the usherettes for the Miss Universe 1974… Well I was thinking I dreamed of being in the contest but I never expected to be here.

Question 2: If you become Miss Universe 1975, what one individual other than your parents would have made the greatest contribution to your success and why?

Answer: Well I think it would be the judges because they were the ones who voted for me if I won Miss Universe.Screengrab from YouTube/Courtesy of Solar, LCS, MUO

ROSARIO SILAYAN (Third runner-up, Miss Universe 1980)

Question: If you could meet anyone in the world, who would you select and why?

Answer: I have no one in particular but I would like somebody who is involved in politics or ruling or running a government. Let’s say a nation, whether it’s small or big. I’d like to meet him, I’d like to get to talk to him. Screengrab from YouTube/Courtesy of Solar, LCS, MUO

DESIREE VERDADERO (Third runner-up, Miss Universe 1984)

Question: Should you be the new Miss Universe, you will be a symbol to young women and girls all over the world. What would you like to tell them?

Answer: All I want to tell them is being Miss Universe is pride and I’d like to spread peace and goodwill to all nations. That’s all. Screengrab from YouTube/Courtesy of Solar, LCS, MUO

CHARLENE GONZALES (Top 6 finalist, Miss Universe 1994)

Question 1: You guys have a bunch of islands here. How many islands are in the Philippines?

Answer: High tide or low tide? Well, in high tide we have 7,107 and in low tide we have... 7,108.Photo from @ on Instagram/Courtesy of Solar, LCS, MUO

Question 2: If you could be a fictional film or literary character, who would you be and why?

Answer: I think I would be Superwoman because she helps a lot of people, she’s very fun and she’s a dynamic person who does many deeds for our world. Screengrab from YouTube/Courtesy of Solar, LCS, MUO

MIRIAM QUIAMBAO (First runner-up, Miss Universe 1999)

Question: If Miss Universe were to become pregnant during her reign, should she be allowed to continue as Miss Universe?

Answer: That’s a very difficult situation to be in. I believe that the Miss Universe, if ever she becomes pregnant... I believe that she should continue with her reign. If she has been a good example to be a Miss Universe, she has pursued all the goals that she had in the first place, I believe she should continue. Photo from @miriamq888 on Instagram/Courtesy of Solar, LCS, MUO

VENUS RAJ (Fourth runner-up, Miss Universe 2010)

Question: What is one big mistake that you’ve made in your life and what did you do to make it right?

Answer: You know, sir, in my 22 years of existence, I can say that there is nothing major, major... I mean problem that I’ve done in my life because I’m very confident with my family, with the love that they’re giving to me. So thank you so much that I am here. Photo from @onlyvenusraj on Instagram/Courtesy of Solar, LCS, MUO

SHAMCEY SUPSUP (Third runner-up, Miss Universe 2011)

Question: Would you change your religious beliefs to marry the person you love? Why or why not?

Answer: If I have to change my religious beliefs, I would not marry the person that I love. Because the first person that I love is God who created me and I have my faith, my principles, and this is what makes me who I am. And if that person loves me, he should love my God, too. Photo from @ on Instagram/Courtesy of Solar, LCS, MUO

JANINE TUGONON (First runner-up, Miss Universe 2012)

Question: As an international ambassador, do you think speaking in English should be a prerequisite to being Miss Universe? Why or why not?

Answer: For me being Miss Universe is just not about knowing how to speak a specific language. It’s being able to influence and inspire other people. So whatever language you have as long as your heart is to serve and you have a strong mind to show to people then you can be Miss Universe. Photo from @tugononjanine on Instagram/Courtesy of Solar, LCS, MUO

ARIELLA ARIDA (Third runner-up, Miss Universe 2014)

Question: What can be done about the lack of jobs for young people starting their careers around the world?

Answer: For the people who have lack of jobs, I do believe that we people should invest in education and that is my primary advocacy. Because we all know that if every one of us is educated and well aware of what we are doing, we could land jobs, good careers in the future. So education is the primary source… and is a ticket to a better future. Photo from @araarida on Instagram/Courtesy of Solar, LCS, MUO

PIA WURTZBACH (Winner, Miss Universe 2015)

Question 1: Earlier this year there was a controversy in the Philippines about the United States reopening a military base in your country. Do you think the United States should have a military presence in your country?

Answer: I think that the United States and the Philippines have always had a good relationship with each other. We were colonized by the Americans and we have their culture in our traditions even up to this day. And I think that we’re very welcoming with Americans and I don’t see any problem with that at all.

Question 2: Why should you be the next Miss Universe?

Answer: To be a Miss Universe is both an honor and a responsibility. If I were to be Miss Universe I will use my voice to influence the youth and I will raise awareness in certain causes like HIV awareness that is timely and relevant to my country which is the Philippines. I want to show the world, the universe rather, that I am confidently beautiful with a heart. Photo from @piawurtzbach on Instagram/Courtesy of Solar, LCS, MUO