'Lucky' animal signs, businesses for 2017


Posted at Dec 29 2016 01:49 PM

MANILA – Three animal signs will be particularly “lucky” in 2017, according to a feng shui expert.

In an interview on the radio DZMM show “Sakto” on Thursday, Johnson Chua said people under the Rat, Ox and Dragon signs will have good luck next year.

“Rat, Ox at Dragon ang pinakamaswerte ngayong 2017,” he said.

When asked about the business that will do well in the coming Year of the Fire Rooster, Chua mentioned the food industry as well as media companies.

As for “lucky” colors, Chua said fashionistas who are feng shui believers can rest assured that they can wear whatever they want next year.

While yellow, red and blue are said to bring in a lot of positive energy, all other colors are generally “lucky.”

“Pwede po nating sabihin na wala talagang malas na kulay kasi ang 2017, lahat ng five elements nagpakita. So wala talagang masamang kulay,” he explained. 

To those whose animal signs are not so fortunate in 2017, Chua advised them to wear crystals to ward off negative energy, particularly mental stress.

“Pinaka the best na pangontra sa health problem ay crystals dahil meron silang healing factor,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chua reminded that public that feng shui predictions should only be used as a guide in making decisions. 

“It’s not feng shui that will decide what will happen to your life. It’s you. So kung baga, we use feng shui as a guide, pero nasa kamay natin ang kapalaran natin,” he said. “Alamin mo kung saang part ka swerte, kung saan ka medyo malas.”