Christmas 2020: Merry Moo offers ice cream in cheesy mamon, toffee almond crunch flavors

Joko Magalong-De Veyra

Posted at Dec 22 2020 06:54 PM

After getting first prizes in various Ultimate Taste Tests (UTT), Merry Moo has been unstoppable in churning out artisanal ice cream that not only features international and experimental flavors, but also highlights local delights. 

Using locally sourced milk from Laguna, the ice creamery has a Manila-wide mall presence in malls, weekend markets, and local grocers.

Like many, the company was affected by the pandemic.

“Like everybody else, the pandemic brought a lot of stress and anxiety. Our mall kiosks and weekend markets were hit really hard because of zero foot traffic. We quickly pivoted to e-commerce, including group messaging communities, food apps, e-resellers and ultimately our own online shop Merry Moo Ice Cream. We also introduced a new half-gallon size after receiving several requests for bigger sizes,” said Kelvin Ngo, owner of Merry Moo Ice Cream.

Christmas 2020: Merry Moo offers ice cream in cheesy mamon, toffee almond crunch flavors 1
Joko Magalong-De Veyra

Offering same-day delivery service (for others before 5 p.m.) in Manila, Merry Moo has one of the most varied ice cream menus in the metro. It has an assortment of flavors from their UTT winning flavors like Avocado and Salted Caramel, to experimental ones like Candied Bacon, Toasted Almond Pineapple, Thai Milk Tea, and Earl Grey Tea, among others.

The Chunky Bunch collection is one of their ice cream menus that feature — you guessed it — chunky ice cream. For this year, they added their version of the nostalgic ice cream flavors Double Dutch and Rocky Road, a brilliant new flavor in Cheesy Mamon, and a Christmas variant, the Toffee Almond Crunch.

“During the ECQ, we were reminded of how important it is to treasure life. This made us reflect on fond childhood memories, which eventually led us to recall nostalgic flavors. We would have mamon for after-school merienda, and Double Dutch or Rocky Road tubs for dessert during family parties. So we decided to relive these classic flavors again but with our own twist,” explained Ngo.

Christmas 2020: Merry Moo offers ice cream in cheesy mamon, toffee almond crunch flavors 2
Joko Magalong-De Veyra

Invented in the late 1920s during the great stock market crash to give the people something to smile about, the Rocky Road is aptly named and is personally this author’s favorite ice cream flavor from childhood. There’s just something about chocolate ice cream, nuts, and the surprise of chewy-soft marshmallows.

Merry Moo’s version doesn’t disappoint with surprises like crispy nutty almond caramel candy and the requisite fluffy marshmallows. Their addition of cacao nibs makes this nostalgic flavor fully theirs — it adds an extra dimension of chocolate and texture without adding sweetness. Their chocolate base is also the right mix of creamy, rich, sweet, and chocolatey. I did not miss the peanuts. Must-try.

Vanilla ice cream simply swirled with chocolate syrup gets an update in Merry Moo’s Double Dutch. Using their sweet creamy base and mixing in homemade almond caramel candy, cacao nibs, and fudgy chocolate brownies, the result is a Double Dutch flecked with more texture and flavor.

The Merry Moo Cheesy Mamon Ice Cream is probably my new favorite Filipino ice cream flavor. The Philippines is one of, if not the only, country that thinks of cheese ice cream as a dessert flavor and that idea is fully explored and relished in this Merry Moo offering. 

Their cheddar cheese ice cream base straddles that delicious line of savory and sweet — unmistakably cheesy, and the still fluffy chunks of mamon blows my mind every time I take a bite. Must try!

“The Toffee Almond Crunch is our Christmas flavor for 2020. My wife has been nagging me to replicate her favorite toffee nut latte, since she has been avoiding going to cafes due to the pandemic. We did quite a lot of iterations to get the toffee profile just right, and later on decided to add some almond praline nuts for an added texture. As they say, 'happy wife, happy life,'” shared Ngo.

This limited-edition flavor takes inspiration from the usual Christmas-only coffee concoction and delivers expectations with a creamy coffee base, and bursts of sweetness and nutty flavors as well as textures from caramel toffee and crunchy almond pralines.

The Chunky Bunch collection and other Merry Moo flavors and bundles can be ordered online the company's website. Sizes include cup, pint, half-pint, half-gallon, and gallon.

Merry Moo is also available in large local grocers, retailers, and their mall branches at SM Aura, SM Megamall, and SM Podium.

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