Beatrice Gomez all set for PH return


Posted at Dec 14 2021 03:15 PM

Beatrice Gomez during the evening gown competition of the 70th Miss Universe beauty pageant in Israel. Menahem Kahana, AFP
Beatrice Gomez during the evening gown competition of the 70th Miss Universe beauty pageant in Israel. Menahem Kahana, AFP

Beatrice Gomez is set to return home after her impressive Top 5 finish in the 70th Miss Universe pageant.

In an interview on ANC's "Headstart" on Tuesday, Miss Universe Philippines creative director Jonas Gaffud said Gomez is ready to leave Israel and is expected to be back in the country by Wednesday, December 15. 

"She'd be home tomorrow," he said, confirming that the beauty queen would have to go on quarantine for a few days upon her arrival.

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Miss Universe Philippines communications director Voltaire Tayag said a homecoming parade for Gomez is in its "planning stages."

"We're planning to do one, possibly in Cebu," he said, referring to Gomez's hometown. 

With her Top 5 finish, Gomez was able to continue the Philippines' semi-final streak in Miss Universe, which started with Venus Raj in 2010.

She is the second representative under the newly formed Miss Universe Philippines organization after Rabiya Mateo, who ended her journey in the Top 21. 


In the interview, Gaffud opened up about Gomez's vulnerable moment the night before the pageant as a result of her brief exposure to social media.

He said the Philippine representative "had low self-esteem" prior to coronation night, and that she was "tired" and "very sad" after seeing online comments of some people about her performance.

"She was very tired already, especially during the preliminary competition where she accidentally saw on Instagram comments of people on her, the bashers. She was very, very sad and we were trying to talk to her in the lobby, we chanced at her in the lobby lang. We were talking to her but she was like a bit closed na, na 'This is all I can do, this is what I can give. I gave my best and if people don't appreciate it, it's fine. But I think that I gave my best. That's what she was saying," Gaffud recalled.

He went on: "We just didn't want to push her more. Parang we were just saying na, 'Yes, you did well, I just wanted to give you some tips on stage, how to do it if ever you will be in the finals.' And we thought that she wouldn't do it anymore, na she just gave up. But during that night she was competitive."

Gaffud went on to lament how some people could be "unforgiving" on social media, and that this shows the importance of a candidate's mental training for international pageants.

"You can't really understand how people will treat you on social media. Like right now, a lot of people are praising her. But prior to that, a lot of people were bashing her. I don't know how people could be so unforgiving with these young women trying to just reach for their dreams. They just want to help their families, to go further in life," he said. 

"These are young women... They're very young and learning things in this world, and wanting to be someone. They just have to be strong," he added.

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