Delivery eats: Crabs are the stars at Ley's Kitchen

Joko Magalong-De Veyra

Posted at Dec 13 2020 04:54 PM

MANILA -- Luscious and delicious, crabs are a treat any time but most especially this quarantine season. Led by Angel See-Ley, Ley’s Kitchen has been bringing this tasty crustacean to diner’s homes since its inception in 2015. 

“This stemmed from my love for food. I've always enjoyed cooking for my family and friends. Often times, my friends would offer to buy ingredients and ask me to cook for them. I never intended to make it a business until my friends started ordering! It was when even friends of friends would ask if they could order,” explained See-Ley. 

Delivery eats: Crabs are the stars at Ley's Kitchen 1
Soy Garlic Crabs. Joko Magalong-De Veyra

Crabs can be enjoyed a dozen ways in Ley’s Kitchen. This author tasted two variants: the Soy Garlic Crab, and the Creamy Butter Crab with Mantou. 

Garlic, soy, oil, and fresh crab are a simple but irresistible combination. Whether you’re eating it with bread or with white rice, the oil is enough to keep you happy. Mix in some sweet and fresh crab, and it’s guaranteed crab heaven. (FYI: there’s also a spicy version of the soy garlic.)

It’s a different type of flavor with the creamy butter crabs. With a hint of spice, the white sauce beautifully exploited the sweetness of the crab to the delight of our tastebuds. I was hard-pressed to even try the crab with the mantou as satisfied as I was with just drizzling the sauce onto rice, but eating it with mantou has its own merits — it absorbs just enough sauce when dipped, and eating it in between crab helpings makes it easy to eat more. 

Delivery eats: Crabs are the stars at Ley's Kitchen 2
Creamy Butter Crabs. Joko Magalong-De Veyra

Other interesting crab variants include the Thai Curry Crab, Cajun Crab, Crab Vermicelli and Black Pepper Crab. If you like enjoying crab the simplest way, Ley’s Kitchen also offers Steamed Crab. 

“Apart from the flavors that comes from my personal taste, I am lucky that I have a very good supplier of crabs. Our crabs are of the highest quality. Always fresh and of course, made with love,” said See-Ley. 

While known for crabs, Ley’s Kitchen also has an extensive menu that spans pasta and Asian comfort dishes. These include garlic noodles (which we imagine would go superbly with any of the crab dishes), Kare-Kare, Lengua, Ebi Kani Aburi, and Beef Rendang. 

Delivery eats: Crabs are the stars at Ley's Kitchen 3
Beef Rendang. Joko Magalong-De Veyra

This author was able to taste the Beef Rendang (P3,300 for 4-5 pax). Ley’s Kitchen’s version wins tops marks in hitting authentic flavor and spice. With its brown and rich sauce and mouth-meltingly tender beef, I also appreciated seeing the fresh curry leaves in the sauce – giving unmistakable aroma and taste. 

“Because I enjoy eating as much as I love cooking, I make dishes that I crave for. All of my dishes are dishes that I want to eat,” said See-Ley. 

Regular crab trays are good for 5-7 persons, and are priced at P7,200 with a minimum of 5 pieces of male crabs per tray. Crabs are 600 grams a piece. 

Feeling decadent? Order the special Baked Female Crab with crab roe rice (2 pieces at 800 grams per piece for P5,200). 

To order, visit their Facebook page for the full menu. 

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