Fried chicken beats burger as top GrabFood order of Pinoys in 2022


Posted at Dec 07 2022 05:10 PM

Shardar Tarikul Islam, Unsplash
Shardar Tarikul Islam, Unsplash

MANILA – Filipinos appeared to have enjoyed fried chicken more this 2022. 

In the recent food and grocery delivery trend report of Grab for 2022, fried chicken overtook burger as the most GrabFood order by Filipinos.

According to the report, about 55,000 orders of fried chicken were made everyday. 

Filipinos also rekindled their love for halo-halo in 2022 as the orders for the local sweet treat grew by 80% compared to last year. 

Instant food and milk products also seemed to be must-haves in Filipino households as instant noodles, canned food, milk, cultured milk as well as evaporated milk and cream were among the top 10 most ordered items on GrabMart.

Being the region’s biggest party hosts, Filipinos ordered a lot of carbonated drinks too as orders shot up by 50% this year. 

Meanwhile, food delivery seems to be staying in Filipino culture as the Grab report showed 7 of 10 consumers believed that delivery life will be permanent.

The report explained that consumers like the convenience and immediacy of the services, especially when they have to prepare for social gatherings. 

“In fact, consumers use delivery so much that 1 in 3 have committed to a delivery subscription plan,” it said. 

The recent study also showed that Filipino consumers are ordering more frequently and spending more per order. 

According to Grab, the average basket sizes expanded by 84% on GrabFood and GrabMart. Young families with children are the most avid users, ordering food delivery at least five times per month, and groceries at least seven times per month.

Food delivery platforms have also become the new search engines as 74% of consumers spend about 17 minutes browsing apps before making orders. 

About 88% of respondents also claimed that they learned about new merchants through delivery apps. 

Many Filipino consumers are also using more of their time online looking for food. 

“Nine in 10 read reviews and pre-purchase vouchers online; 8 in 10 make reservations and buy takeaway online, and 7 in 10 make dine-in orders and payment online. The food and beverage experience is becoming more digitalized,” the report revealed.

About 90% consumers also said that they are more likely to order from merchants that allow customization. 

On the other hand, the eating habits in the Philippines have also changed, based on the Grab report, as it revealed that 92% of Filipino consumers eat at least one healthy meal every two to three days.

It also showed that about two of five consumers tried plant-based alternatives in the last six months. 

“No wonder demand for healthy meals on GrabFood shot up 12 times, and health and wellness sales grew 2 times on GrabMart,” it added.

The reopening of workplaces also made snacking a group activity with over 74% Pinoy consumers said they order snacks for more than one person each time. 


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