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Filipino Canadian couple advocates use of cannabis to treat cancer

Christine Santos | TFC News Toronto

Posted at Dec 06 2022 06:15 PM

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Filipino Canadian Maria Luisa Selarde was diagnosed with advanced late stage pancreatic cancer with no chance of a cure.

She underwent chemotherapy but her health quickly deteriorated after the first session. This prompted the couple to seek alternative treatment through a cannabis formula created by a friend in Ontario.  

To their amazement, Selarde’s condition immediately improved and the size of her tumour decreased by over 40% shortly after being injected with cannabis.

"Thank God we were given approval to do this alternative treatment," Vincent Villanis, the husband of Selarde, said. "Had to take a flight outside of the country in her condition. They injected the tumour.  In 24 to 48 hours, it just completely changed. She made history. She’s the first person in history to have this done in the pancreas."

The friend who helped the couple is Lee Whitley who’s been working on a cannabis formula for years. Whitley, founder of Lee’s Oil, claimed that his formula has cured thousands of people with various illnesses including stage 4 Cancer, lupus, autoimmune disease, mental health, chronic pain and more.

He explained how cannabis works in the body.

"Remember, you have 28 cannabinoids in your body, the same 28 cannabinoids in the marijuana plant.  The same gene that turns your immune system on is the same gene in that marijuana plant. It’s the only drug in the world that will penetrate both blood barriers in your brain. It will reset your nervous system," Whitley explained.

"I’ve never charged anybody in the world for my medicine. The only thing I wanna say to people is there’s another way instead of chemotherapy and radiation."

Villanis is grateful to Whitley for saving his wife, and now, they’re on a mission to promote the supposed healing properties of cannabis to the world.

He set up a charity called Lee Helps Cancer Foundation to raise funds towards the treatment of cancer patients using cannabis.  

Villanis said, "I just wanna let the world know that there’s hope. There is a cure happening.  Healing doesn’t mean chemotherapy, only chemotherapy.  Any proceeds raised goes directly to patients, to curing them."

While there is ongoing research to find out if cannabis and cannabinoids should be used as medicine to treat diseases like cancer, Villanis hopes that their charity will pave the way for clinical trials in Canada and the advancement of the cannabis formula to cure cancer all over the world.