Sharon Cuneta can't stop raving about cookies baked by 12-year-old girl


Posted at Dec 03 2020 03:22 PM

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MANILA -- A 12-year-old baker has gotten the attention of no less than the country's "Megastar," Sharon Cuneta.

The actress and singer could not stop raving about the cookies of Baked by Alexa in her latest vlog, where she recommended gift ideas for Christmas this year.

The brand is named after 12-year-old Jelena Alexa de Guzman, who specializes in chocolate chip cookies.

Cuneta said she has never met De Guzman in person, but "fell in love" after receiving a sample of her products.

"So did Miel, so did Frankie, so did Miguel," she said, referring to her children. "I cannot live without these cookies. Let's just say that."

Cuneta said she particularly loves Baked by Alexa's chocolate chip cookies with brown butter and sea salt, pointing out that they are always "perfectly baked."

"Please trust me when I say this because I am a baker. And I know when a cookie is perfect, when it's a little overbaked or underbaked. And these are always perfect," she said.

Cuneta also requested for De Guzman to bake oatmeal cookies for her. The resulting product has since been named "Megastar," after her.

"She asked for permission to name them after me. Megastar Oatmeal with Cranberry and Walnuts," she said.

Seeing potential in De Guzman, Cuneta hopes that she will soon be "a much more successful baker, like Dominique Ansel in New York."

"I fell in love with her cookies first, then I heard her story. She's a beautiful, wonderful, 12-year-old girl. I like responsible children who know how to earn money. I salute your mom and your dad for teaching you great values like that, Alexa," she said.

Watch Cuneta talk about Baked by Alexa's cookies starting at the 10:39 mark in the video below: 

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Cuneta started her online show on YouTube during the lockdown, with the actress granting fans' requests to show her collection of bags, watches, and kitchenware among others.

She has also done a makeup tutorial, and a question and answer vlog.

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