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Kuya Lord's "Lucenachon" brings a taste of Quezon to LA

Steve Angeles | TFC News Los Angeles

Posted at Dec 02 2022 08:24 AM | Updated as of Dec 02 2022 09:24 AM

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With a wood grill rotisserie, Chef Lord Maynard Llera is making sure he’s dishing out the best Filipino dishes right in the heart of Los Angeles.
"Back home, even in the provinces, there's not a lot of gas. [In] most of the provinces we use wood or charcoal so this is the closest we can do for flavors, especially for grilling. Also the charcoal and the wood give a deep flavor to the food you cook. It’s special for me because this is how we grill," Llera shared.
With 20 years of restaurant experience, Llera had his sights set on opening a restaurant in 2020 but the pandemic forced him to take a detour. Instead, he offered a food delivery service using his own home as base.
"Because of the pandemic, I was forced to do this in my house."
He finally opened Kuya Lord this summer, and his best dishes are why people keep coming back for more.
While the menu keeps changing, one staple dish is Llera's "Lucenachon," a tribute to his hometown of Lucena in Quezon, Philippines.
"We want to bring them as close as we can back home," the chef said. "This is, for me, the reason why I’m doing this."
Llera received praises from Master Chef Season 9 contestant Ralph Degala.

"So many talented different chefs in LA but one thing about Lord is he's putting Lucena on the map, different cuisines but they're familiar but the ingredients and tastes come from that fine dining classic technique background," Degala noted.
The following that Llera has built over the past two years continues to grow, and he's continuing to improve his craft. He recently showcased his food at ComplexCon. The Los Angeles Times is also featuring Kuya Lord when it holds its launch party for its 101 Best Restaurants in LA list next month.